What Karlie Kloss Really Does To Stay In Shape

You may know Karlie Kloss from her impressive runway resume, coding classes, or as the newest host of long time running reality TV series, Project Runway. Kloss is a busy woman. So busy, that we wonder how she can possibly find the time to stay in shape. Luckily for us, Kloss is open to showing us how hard she works for her figure.

One of Kloss's favorite fitness routines is so convenient and can be done with zero equipment. Kloss enjoys running, but this wasn't always the case. Kloss told Runner's World, "Growing up, I was really athletic and played every sport in the book, but I hated running," she says. "Each year in school, you were timed for a mile run. It was the worst day of the year." Kloss's dislike for the sport has since changed dramatically. She even decided to train for a half marathon, explaining, "I like to do things that take me out of my comfort zone, and the idea of running a half marathon was beyond scary."

Kloss believes in the importance of mixing it up

Kloss has got her cardio routine figured out, but she also mixes in strength training. She told Harper's Bazaar, "I've been doing lots of butt lifts. It's all about toning and feeling strong; that's what I think is sexy." The six foot tall supermodel uses a mixture of Pilates-type strength training and rubber bands to isolate her muscles and strengthen her legs and arms.

Kloss  isn't just about the high intensity sweat sessions. She believes in the importance of mixing it up. Taking time off is also considered a part of mixing up her routine. She explains, "It's OK to take a day or two off training, but I always try and be active at some point throughout the day," she told Harper's Bazaar. We don't all have the genetic makeup of a supermodel, but it sounds as if Kloss's workout routines are helping her feel her best. And that is worth sharing.