The Biggest Mistakes You're Making When Dry Brushing

While dry brushing burst onto the wellness scene nearly a decade ago, the practice actually stems back to ancient times when people used it as a healing modality performed to enhance blood circulation. Greek civilizations and even Native American cultures incorporated dry brushing into their bathing routines as a way to remove dead skin (via Mother Earth Living). Judging by the practice's devoted following and long history, it's likely here to stay.

On top of its exfoliating benefits, dry brushing also works to help drain the lymphatic system and aid in circulation (via MindBodyGreen). The long strokes against your skin bring you into the present moment and help you connect more deeply with your skin which may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety as well (via Maed).

But, to make sure you're reaping all of the benefits, it's important to find a brush that works well for you. If you're just starting out, begin with a boar bristle brush that won't be too rough on your skin. From there, you can decide if you like the hand-held version or a dry brush with a long handle.

Dry brush before you get in the shower and only brush going upwards

Do your dry brushing practice before you hop in the shower to fully wash off the dead skin cells. If you'd rather do this while standing in your shower, you can try it that way as well. Just make sure that you're doing it prior to showering to slough off any rough skin (via MindBodyGreen).

Use medium pressure and even strokes to gently move lymphatic fluid upward. This process shouldn't hurt, but it should also feel like you're making contact. Starting at the feet and moving upwards, trace your brush along your skin in an upward motion. Since you're working with the circulatory system, always brush towards your chest and your heart. Make sure to get all sides of your limbs, pulling the lymph upwards as you ascend towards your chest. After you finish your arms and legs, be extremely gentle with your neck and chest — this area is much more delicate and sensitive.

Once you've showered off, add moisturizer to reap the full benefits of your session. Find a high-quality oil or lotion to finish in luxury. Remember, just like any self-care modality, doing it just once likely won't make a huge difference, so stick with it and dry brush away!