Mary Trump Didn't Hold Back With Her Debate Tweets

Mary L. Trump may have lived a quiet life before this past summer, but that is no longer the case, particularly after she set the world on fire with her bombshell book about her uncle Donald Trump, Too Much and Never Enough. Since the book was released in August, people have been flocking to Twitter to see what she has to say next about the president, and during debate night, she did not disappoint. 

Before the event, Mary L Trump tweeted: "Hang tight everybody. If we stick together it's all going to be OK. #VOTE." Those words turned out to be more prophetic than many of us may have first thought. Commentators called the 90 minutes a "train wreck," a "hot mess" and a disgrace (via The Hill). Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, told NBC that the evening was "dispiriting" and raised the need to "cut off the mics" (via YouTube). In an editorial released later, Lowry even noted that the president going "full Trump" was in an effort to try and make his opponent crack. Instead, he notes Trump "turned in a performance that a lot of viewers will find unpresidential without getting the upside (via National Review).

Mary Trump used Twitter to criticize her uncle Donald Trump

Mary appears to have agreed with the general consensus about the tone and manner of the debate, taking to Twitter to criticize Donald Trump on his preferred social media channel. At one point, Trump was asked whether he would honor the results of the ballot, and he instead said: "I'm urging supporters to go into the poll and watch very carefully. If it's a fair election, I'm 100 percent on board. But If I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can't go along with that" (via New York Magazine). Mary immediately called him out. She tweeted: "He is being allowed, on national television, to sow uncertainty about the upcoming election. Everything he just said is a lie. Everything. He is the fraud." 

She also referred to the president as a traitor when he took aim at Beau and Hunter Biden, former vice president Joe Biden's sons. She said: "Interrupting Vice President Biden's comments about his son Beau to pivot to lies about Hunter Biden should alone totally disqualify Donald. What a disgrace. What a traitor."

Mary Trump weighed in on the exchange on American suburbs

Mary also took aim at her uncle over his comments about the suburbs. The Mortgage Note pointed out that suburban America became an issue when Trump rescinded the Obama era's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, which guaranteed that everyone had a right to equal housing opportunities, but which the president also has said "took away decision-making from local communities." 

Trump brought up the issue first, saying "by the way, the suburbs would be gone." And Biden responded: "You wouldn't know a suburb unless you took a wrong turn ..." And when Trump attempted to explain, Biden cut in and said: "Suburbs are by and large integrated. People driving their kids to soccer practice are black and white and Hispanic in the same care more than at any time in the past. (Suburbs) are dealing with Covid. They are dying in the suburbs. They are being flooded and burned out. That is why the suburbs are in trouble."

To this exchange, Mary's reaction was simple: "Bye, suburbs" — her take on Donald Trump's attempt to win over the suburban housewives' vote.

Mary Trump also took aim at moderator Chris Wallace

Mary Trump didn't just take aim at President Trump, she took issue with moderator Chris Wallace, who at moments seemed to have lost control over the debates. While some, like journalist Josh Barro, tweeted, "People are hating on Chris Wallace but I think there was no way to moderate this debate effectively." Mary felt that Wallace could have come on a bit stronger, and let the world know exactly how she thought he was doing.

She tweeted: "Not one fact check. Not one." Then added: "So Chris Wallace both-sides Covid. Unbelievable." She then tweeted: "Apparently not only Donald thinks Joe Biden is currently the president. Chris Wallace does, too." And finally: "Sure, let's just let him keep lying about EVERYTHING."

Mary left no thought in anyone's mind that the debates made her feel more charitably towards her uncle. She tweeted: "The media need to stop giving Donald the benefit of the doubt. His debate performance was a grotesque combination of lies, racism, breathtaking callousness, and threats against our democracy."