The Most Uncomfortable Love Scenes In Movies

What are most the uncomfortable love scenes in movies? There are plenty of films out there that accurately depict what love and romance are all about. Sure, they can sometimes be cringe-worthy, but romance films exist for a reason: to give hopeless romantics a fix, and let people live vicariously through them. People want to be swept off their feet and shown that true love exists, while being completely absorbed into the story on the screen. Romance movies and even rom-coms are great for that feeling of escapism that everyone deserves. 

But for every great romantic film that's been made, there are plenty of not-so-great flicks out there, too. Yes, not every romance or rom-com is Oscar-worthy, and many are even hard to take seriously. Sometimes the actors have no chemistry or the plot feels forced, and sometimes dialog is just too cheesy, rendering the film pretty hard to watch. 

And what can really make or break a movie? Love scenes. Seriously, some of the most uncomfortable love scenes in movies prove that there's nothing more awkward than a graphic kiss or partners that just don't match up. Keep reading to see which scenes made the list. 

The Fifty Shades of Grey love scene in the red room was uncomfortable

Oh, Fifty Shades of Grey. The infamous series of books developed a reputation bigger than the film's budget, to the point that just about everyone was talking about it. Fans made the books into bestsellers, as noted by NBC News, and what started out as nothing more than Twilight fan fiction took on a life of its own as readers were introduced to the world of BDSM (via Forbes). Once a movie adaptation was announced, the series got even hotter and heavier. 

But in the final film installment of the series, Fifty Shades Freed — which topped the weekend box office – when the main characters enter into Christian Grey's "red room," things get...interesting. The most shocking moment in the scene is when viewers are shown all the toys that Grey has, which include some seriously NSFW items. 

While that alone doesn't make things entirely uncomfortable, the lack of chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan made the love scene seriously awkward. While it was meant to be hot, it just wasn't, and instead was an oafish encounter that even the most devout nun would yawn at. 

In Bridesmaids, this love scene was so uncomfortable

For as funny and entertaining as the 2011 film Bridesmaids is, it also has some really heartwarming moments that make viewers smile. Additionally, while the strong friendship between Annie and Lillian is definitely an important aspect of the movie, the romantic connections Annie tries to make throughout the film also further the plot. 

However, Bridesmaids doesn't start out as strong as it could have; the opening scene of the movie, where Annie is hooking up with Ted, is seriously uncomfortable. First of all, the entire love scene is super quick, and it's clear that Ted is only in it for his own pleasure, and not Annie's. There's a lot of bouncing, heavy breathing, and eyes rolled to the back of the head — and that's it. The encounter serves as a great reminder that Ted is selfish, and Annie can definitely do better. And since it's the very first thing that viewers see in Bridesmaids, the awkward intimacy really sets the tone for the rest of the film. 

At the end of the day, the moment is super cringe-worthy, and that's pretty much it.

The big love scene in Sausage Party was really uncomfortable

To be fair, Sausage Party isn't the first animated adult movie or television show to make awkward jokes about getting it on. Based on the title alone, it's not a shocker that the film is loaded with raunchy humor. But Sausage Party definitely takes the cake when it comes to depicting intimacy; the big love scene in the movie was actually disturbing, and if you made the mistake of watching it with your parents (or really anyone else), you were probably scarred for life. 

As strange as the premise of Sausage Party is — telling the story of grocery store food items that learn what happens to them when they're purchased — the truly shocking moment came at the conclusion of the film. That's when the two main characters, Brenda and Frank (a hot dog bun and literal weiner), finally get it on. But then, so does everyone else in the grocery store! There are tacos, condiments, and pantry items all going in on each other, and it's kind of uncomfortable to watch.

On top of being ridiculous, the love scene in Sausage Party was straight-up weird.

The Breaking Dawn honeymoon love scene looks pretty uncomfortable

Remember that period of time when everyone was obsessed with vampires? While it seems like a lifetime ago, for a while teenagers, young adults, and even soccer moms all had a thing for vampires — and the Twilight series was definitely to blame for that. Sure, the movies had some good, albeit sometimes laughable action scenes (that baseball scene comes to mind), but it was the love scenes in the movies that were really strange. Specifically, in the last installment of the series, after Edward and Bella finally get married, their honeymoon is pretty uncomfortable to watch.

You don't really see all that much, but when Bella wakes up in her fancy honeymoon suite in Breaking Dawn, sans Edward, it becomes clear that something went down the night before. The bed is broken, and the entire room is in shambles. It's super awkward! To add to that, when Bella and Edward kissed leading up to their big night, it's not exactly like sparks flew everywhere. It's definitely one of the things in Twilight you only notice as an adult.

The love scene in Knocked Up is uncomfortable to watch

2007 was a great year for movies, especially rom-coms. There were so many classics released that year, such as Juno, Enchanted, and Dan in Real Life. However, one comedy that really stood out that year was Knocked Up; the Judd Apatow movie about an unplanned pregnancy is super entertaining. And as an unplanned pregnancy typically involves intimacy, naturally there's a love scene — but it's super uncomfortable to watch.

Surprisingly, the most awkward love scene in the movie isn't the one that leads to Alison Scott getting pregnant with Ben Stone's baby. It's when the two already know they are expecting a baby, and Alison is already pretty pregnant. The couple want to get it on, but because of Alison's baby bump (and lack of confidence), and a fear of somehow hurting the baby, the scene is a bumbling mess. Additionally, while it's not uncommon for movies to show intimacy as being all about the male character, in Knocked Up, neither character really enjoys themselves in that scene. You can't help but feel uncomfortable watching them attempt to make it work.

Justin Timberlake has an uncomfortable love scene in Bad Teacher

It takes a special movie to elicit pure, nonstop laughter from viewers from start to finish. And while it might not be as popular as other legendary comedies, Bad Teacher definitely had us in stitches. The movie follows Elizabeth Halsey, as she struggles with her career as a teacher, while also trying to land a rich husband. So when Scott Delacorte enters the scene, and Elizabeth learns he has family money, she's all over him.

In fact, in one scene, while Elizabeth and Scott are chaperoning a field trip with an overnight stay, the two get a little raunchy in a hotel room. However, their love scene isn't exactly steamy, nor is it romantic — it's actually pretty darn uncomfortable, to be honest. While Scott is clearly super into it, Elizabeth couldn't look more bored if she tried. There's absolutely no chemistry between the pair, but the saving grace of the scene is arguably Scott's hilarious facial expressions. The whole thing makes for some strange, albeit entertaining, viewing.

The love scene in Identity Thief was just plain uncomfortable

Following her big-screen breakout in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy — who's undergone a stunning transformation — went on to star in a slew of other comedic films. One of those was the buddy comedy Identity Thief, co-starring Jason Bateman. The film followed McCarthy's character, Diana, who makes her living by stealing identities and selling credit cards to shady people. When Diana steals Sandy Patterson's identity (played by Bateman), things get hectic as he tries to track her down and turn her in to police in order to save his job.

But when Diana and Sandy make a pitstop at a small motel, and Diana meets a local cowboy looking for a good time, things take a turn for the nasty. In the love scene, the pair head to a motel room, where they proceed to get it on — all while Sandy is right there. It's awkward, cringe-worthy, and seriously uncomfortable. There's even a moment where Diana's date asks Sandy if he'd like to watch them hook up, and then proceeds to drop his pants. Yeah, it's all kinds of awkward.

John and Judy in Love Actually were so uncomfortable to watch

One of the most iconic Christmas rom-coms out there is Love, Actually. The British film follows the love stories of several couples as they navigate romance during the holiday season. While there are certainly a few pairs in the 2003 feel-good movie to root for, like Sam and Joanna, or Jamie and Aurelia, John and Judy were quite the unexpected pairing.

The couple both work as stand-ins for actors in movies, but all the scenes they film together are love scenes. It's pretty uncomfortable to watch the two simulate intimacy in front of a huge film crew — especially since there was a definite lack of chemistry, and they were making small talk the entire time. There's even a moment where John and Judy are filming a scene, and John gets directed to touch Judy even more. 

Uncomfortable? Yes. Kind of endearing? Sort of. Awkward? Most definitely. Still, viewers couldn't help but root for the duo, and when they ended up together, it just made sense. After all, they'd already seen each other naked. 

You just can't take the uncomfortable love scene in Zoolander seriously

Goofy comedies are the true bread and butter of self-care. There's nothing quite as relaxing as sitting back and tuning in to a movie where the stakes are low and the comedy is cheap. Such is the case with Zoolander, the 2001 classic starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as ultra-competitive male models. The movie, which is basically nonsense, follows Stiller's Derek Zoolander and Wilson's Hansel as they attempt to take down an evil fashion designer. Yes, really.

But as wacky as the plot of Zoolander is, nothing is quite as ridiculous as the uncomfortable love scene with Derek, Hansel, and their journalist friend, Matilda. There's cheesy music in the background, awkward facial expressions, and some seriously questionable hand placements during the romp. However, things get even more uncomfortable when extra men show up to join the fray, all fawning over Matilda. It's impossible to take the moment seriously! 

As funny as Zoolander is as a whole, that love scene is pretty uncomfortable to watch, and kind of regrettable in an otherwise hilarious movie. Oh, and of you were wondering, here's what the cast of Zoolander looks like today.

There are two uncomfortable love scenes in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In the world of outlandish rom coms, Forgetting Sarah Marshall stands tall. The highly entertaining movie follows the newly-single Peter Bretter, who's unable to move on from ex-girlfriend Sarah Marshall, until he meets the charming Rachel Jansen. But in addition to the relatable plot and the great comedic timing in the film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall boasts not one but two uncomfortable love scenes that are impossible to un-see once you've watched them.

In the first love scene, Peter and Rachel are getting it on, while Sarah and her new boyfriend, Aldous Snow, are in the adjacent room doing the same thing. But when they start to hear each other, Sarah gets very competitive, thanks to the noises coming from her ex-boyfriend's room. It's pretty weird, as it's clear that Sarah is only performing that way for the benefit of Peter. 

But then, later on, when Peter and Sarah get intimate together, Peter quickly realizes he isn't as into Sarah as he is Rachel, and stops what he's doing. It's pretty cringe-worthy to see him reject her in such an intimate setting. 

Of course The 40-Year-Old Virgin has an uncomfortable love scene

In 2005, Steve Carell starred in the hit movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, once again proving himself to be a seriously funny comedian. The movie, as the title would suggest, tells the story of Andy and his quest to finally lose his virginity, despite the fact that he's already 40 years old. While Andy's mission eventually ends in success, and everything works out, he's struggled with women in the past. Viewers can see that during one scene, when a college-aged Andy almost closed the deal with a beautiful woman — until it all ended terribly.

In the love scene, Andy and a woman named Beth are getting it on, and they both seem super into it. And while Andy is visibly nervous during the encounter, things seem to be going just fine. But, when Beth decides to bring Andy's feet into it, Andy can't take it; he accidentally kicks Beth in the face, and causes her nose to bleed. It's seriously uncomfortable to watch! Even though you know Andy and Beth don't seal the deal, it's still a surprising and embarrassing moment.

This uncomfortable He's Just Not That Into You love scene had jaws dropping

The 2009 entourage comedy He's Just Not That Into You is a highly entertaining film with a star-studded cast. But for as cute as the film is, it also has some strange moments — and moments that seriously shock people, especially when Ben makes a huge mistake.

In the movie, Ben is married to Janine. However, when he meets Anna, he starts having an affair with her, while also helping her launch her singing career. But in the scene where Anna is at his office for a meeting, and Janine shows up to seduce Ben in order to get their marriage back on track, Ben doesn't say no. Instead, he shoves Anna into a closet where she's forced to listen to Ben and Janine hook up. The uncomfortable love scene is seriously not okay, and disturbing for anyone to watch.

In Trainwreck, Amy Schumer has a hilarious and uncomfortable love scene

In 2015, Amy Schumer — who's undergone a stunning transformation — starred in the rom-com drama Trainwreck, which she also wrote. Thanks to the hilarious nature of the film, there were some pretty funny moments in it. But the scene that takes the cake has to be the love scene between Amy and Steven.

At the beginning of Trainwreck, Amy is dating Steven, a super bulky muscle man. But for as handsome as he is, he and Amy don't have much on-screen chemistry, making it was clear that they aren't compatible. But nothing made that more apparent then, when during an uncomfortable love scene, Amy requests some dirty talk. Unfortunately for Amy, Steven really can't comply in a way that's even a tiny bit sexy, and Amy is clearly mad about it. 

Amy and Steven definitely aren”t meant to be, and their stiff, uncomfortable, and cringe-worthy love life is a big reason why.