Here's Who Twitter Says Really Won The Debate

If you're still scratching your head after Tuesday night's Presidential debate wondering, not only what happened, but who walked away the winner, you're not alone! While instant polls on Twitter skewed in favor of both candidates depending on who conducted the poll, Telemondo had Trump winning the night by 66 percent, and CNN had Biden in the lead with 60 percent, it was the average Twitter user that saw through the debacle to declare the real winner of the night, and wasn't either candidate!

The true winner of the debate was Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live. As NBC News Correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, wrote in a perfectly timed Tweet from Tuesday night, "The only person happy with this debate debacle is Lorne Michaels with @SNL coming back live this Saturday."

There's no denying that the Trump-Biden charade of just a few nights ago looked more like an SNL skit than a real debate, fans also wonder how the sketch comedy show could even parody something so outlandish to begin with. As sportscaster Lindsay Rhodes fittingly quipped, "SNL should concede that this was the parody and just do a straight debate." And Twitter user @1800sellout followed up with, "SNL writers gonna be tearing their hair out trying to make a parody of this debate that's more absurd than reality."

Jim Carrey will make his debut as Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin will reprise his impression of President Trump

The 46th season premiere of SNL will feature Chris Rock as guest host, with Jim Carrey making his debut as Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin reprising his "tremendous" Emmy award winning impression of President Trump (via Wall Street Journal). And while there's no confirmation that we'll see a debate parody during the comedy show's famous cold open, Decider is predicting it's a sure bet based on how they handled debates in the past. They even parodied the Democratic and Republican primary debates from February of this year — remember Larry David as Bernie Sanders?!

If anything, it's worth tuning in for the chance at a chuckle. As Matt Barnes, an NBC News anchor in Columbus Ohio tweeted, "I have no idea how SNL is going to parody this. But I'm looking forward to it because I need a laugh after watching that debate last night."

And if politics isn't your thing, the SNL season premiere will be worth it just to watch Megan Thee Stallion as musical guest.