The Untold Truth Of Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn is Selling Sunset's so-called villain, and she made a statement from day one on the show. Between her ever-changing glam looks and her tell-it-like-it-is attitude, Quinn really captured the attention of viewers at home, helping the reality show gain a following. As fans of Selling Sunset know, ever since Netflix started releasing its own original series and movies, the streaming platform has only gotten more entertaining, and its foray into reality television has proven quite successful, with Quinn's presence being a part of that. 

On Selling Sunset, which follows an elite brokerage in Los Angeles and its many, many gorgeous realtors who show fabulous and luxurious homes to the rich and famous, the cast of realtors on the show are all stunning, but Quinn is one realtor who reigns supreme. But just who is she? And was she always as fabulous as she appears on Selling Sunset? The short answer is no. But there's a lot more to Quinn than meets the eye. And the resident mean girl of Selling Sunset has a bigger heart than you'd expect.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn used to go by a different name

Obviously, Christine Quinn is an amazing name and really rolls right off the tongue. But as it turns out, that wasn't always what the star realtor went by. In fact, before Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn became a realtor with The Oppenheim Group, she reportedly called herself something different and even dropped her last name from time to time.

According to House Beautiful, Quinn used to go by "Christine Bently Quinn," or even "Christine Bently." And there's evidence in the form of Quinn's IMDb page, which lists several of her acting projects in which she is credited as "Christine Bently Quinn." Obviously, that didn't last long, as now she's simply known as Christine Quinn. As Quinn got older and eventually joined the luxurious Oppenheim Group though, she stopped using the name Bently in any capacity. For whatever reason, the blonde stunner doesn't want to be referred to as Bently anymore.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn is from down south

To watch Selling Sunset or to look at Christine Quinn's social media presence, one might assume that the reality star has always been the graceful, stylish woman she is now. However, Quinn's past might shock you because she didn't grow up in the world she now inhabits.

Quinn is actually quite the southern belle, and she hails from the great state of Texas. The Oppenheim Group's website explained that Quinn is a Dallas, Texas native and described her as having a "beaming southern charm." She certainly does shine on the show. Additionally, in an interview with Vogue, Quinn said that her childhood in Dallas was very "different" than what you might expect, so it's clear that Quinn didn't always live the glamorous life she does now. Though Quinn is quite the mystery and doesn't talk much about her past, it's clear that her childhood in Dallas really shaped who she is.

The health issues that Christine Quinn's mother had really impacted the Selling Sunset star's life

Looking at Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset, you might assume that she's had an easy life. After all, she's successful, she's famous, and she has no shame in being brutally honest to just about everyone she meets.

However, in an interview with Vogue, Quinn explained that her youth was tainted with darkness. "I had a mother who was extremely ill — she got cancer for the first time when she was 40 and a second time a year later, and since then has had multiple health issues," she shared. Quinn added that her mother's health ended up causing her to leave school. "I needed to be homeschooled so I could be home with my mother," she continued. "It was hard because I missed the interaction of school and I had to grow up quickly." 

Having a sick mom and having to care for her at such a young age couldn't have been easy for Quinn.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn started an acting career before joining The Oppenheim Group

It's clear that Christine Quinn has found a ton of success in real estate. Even in the first season of Selling Sunset, it was very obvious that she did well for herself — what with her full-on glam at all times, killer outfits, and hair that probably cost more than most people's rent. But before she joined on at The Oppenheim Group and became a realtor to the rich and famous, she actually pursued a career in acting, as well as modeling. 

In 2020, Quinn told Vogue that before she got into real estate, she had done some acting and modeling. And according to her IMDb page, Quinn actually had quite an impressive acting resume. She apparently starting acting and landing gigs in 2010 and snagged roles in series like Drop Dead Diva and NCIS: Los Angeles, as well as in movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine 2. No matter what she does, Quinn finds success — that's for sure. 

This is how Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn got into real estate

Like her co-star Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn is a natural at real estate. In just about any scene on Selling Sunset, she can be seen charming potential clients, tracking down listings, and working her real estate magic — and also getting in on some drama, of course. But before Quinn got into real estate, she was in show biz. However, she found herself being type-cast, so she got out. 

"I wanted to do comedy, and I was only being showcased in dumb-girl roles, so I got really tired of it," she explained to People in 2020. "I got into real estate with Jason [Oppenheim], who's a friend of mine." And according to The Oppenheim Group's website, Quinn traveled a lot and developed an admiration for design and architecture, which she pursued via real estate. Clearly, it's all worked out extremely well for Quinn, and those casting directors who wouldn't give her a chance actually did her a huge favor.  

How Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset made her money

One of the draws of Selling Sunset is certainly the lifestyle it presents. And not just of the rich and famous celebrities to whom the realtors of The Oppenheim Group sell. The agents themselves all live pretty luxurious lifestyles as well, and, as they regularly make commissions in the six figures, that's no surprise. Christine Quinn especially looks to be pretty wealthy, and that's not something she's shy about.

In an interview with Vogue, Quinn explained just how much money she's made and just how she did it. "I made my first million from property and investments," she said. "I was doing a little acting and some modeling and I started investing in the stock markets when I was 23. I would put a little bit away and at around 26, when I started making money, I really went all in." If Quinn made that much money just by investing in real estate, then she clearly deserves every last Louboutin in her closet for working that hard.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn doesn't have a high school diploma

For whatever reason, most people assume that you have to have a great education in order to become rich or successful. And while being a doctor or lawyer certainly requires a lot of schooling, there are other industries where that isn't necessary, and Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn knows that firsthand. The super successful realtor and reality TV star is worth a reported $500,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and she doesn't even have a high school diploma.

"Something I've never spoken about publicly is that I don't have a high school diploma," she told Vogue, adding, "I'm really insecure about it." As insecure as she is though, Quinn explained that she decided to tell her truth in order to inspire others who also weren't able to get an education. "I don't want people to think that a diploma is vital in order to be successful," she said. Quinn had to drop out of high school to take care of her sick mother, making her one of many celebrities who dropped out of high school, but that lack of higher education didn't stop her from achieving great things.

Yes, Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn has had work done

Take one look at Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn and you can see that the woman is undeniably gorgeous. From her stunning blonde locks to her glowing skin, it's no wonder she used to model. And as pretty as she is, viewers can't help but wonder whether or not she's had any work done. After all, she does live in Los Angeles, and her forehead is virtually wrinkle-free. But no need to wonder anymore: Quinn has had work done, and she's open about it.

In fact, Quinn wishes more people would be honest about plastic surgery. "I tell people all the time: I got my boobs done, I get my lips done, tons of Botox, tons of makeup," she told Vogue. "How I look on [Selling Sunset] is not how I look when I wake up in the morning." Quinn added that she thinks it's crucial to be honest about plastic surgery so people don't compare themselves to her or to anyone else who has had work done. "It's important in a world where there's this facade of social media causing people to have body dysmorphia," she explained. Being honest to a fault truly is Quinn's personal brand.

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset met her husband in an unexpected way

Any fan of Selling Sunset knows that one of the major plot points in Season 2 of the reality series was Christine Quinn's new fiancé, Christian Richard. In the season premiere, she walked off a private jet with him with a rock the size of Jupiter on her left ring finger. And while some other castmates speculated that she might have stolen him from a friend, Quinn has maintained that it was all above board.

In an interview with Refinery29, Quinn was asked how she met her future husband, and she said it was in a totally normal way, if not a bit unexpected. "My girlfriend went on a date with him and she's like, 'Hey, I went on a date with this guy who I really don't like. I know you're single; you may want to go out with him.' So I went on a date with him after she did," Quinn explained. After that, it was like something out of a Hallmark movie as the two fell in love quickly. And despite the speculation surrounding her relationship, Quinn seems truly in love, and that's all that matters.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn didn't necessarily want a big wedding

As extravagant and over the top as Christine Quinn seems on Selling Sunset, her grand wedding wasn't entirely her own doing. While a huge part of Season 3 of the series centered on Quinn's wedding and all the necessary planning, she actually revealed that she was unsure about it all. Specifically, she didn't necessarily want a big wedding, but she went for it anyway.

In an interview with Refinery29, Quinn explained that she and her now-husband Christian Richard weren't planning on having a big, fancy wedding. "We were kind of hesitant about doing it on camera, but I knew that if we didn't push ourselves to plan a wedding, we weren't gonna have a wedding," she said. "We're the type to be like, 'We don't really need a wedding.' I was like 50/50 on it. I just want to be with someone that I love and that's really all I care about." Quinn and Richard's wedding turned out stunning, of course, but it's pretty shocking to learn that she wasn't all that into it.

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset doesn't see herself as a villain

From the very start of Selling Sunset, it was clear that Christine Quinn was going to be painted as the mean girl. And while some of that was due to editing, a lot of it had to do with her personality and her refusal to sugar-coat things. However, just because Quinn has been labeled as the show's villain doesn't mean she regrets any of the things she's done on the series. Moreover, Quinn doesn't see herself as a villain at all.

Speaking to Refinery29, Quinn said that she knows why she's the villain. "Just because I'm witty and funny and I'm quick and I'm smart and I say these things, I get cast as the quote unquote villain, but I'm not a mean girl," she said. "I just call it like it is. I think it's a quality that everyone would love to have, but everyone doesn't necessarily have, you know?" Honesty is the best policy, and even though Quinn's delivery might not always be great, you can't deny that she speaks the truth, even when it hurts.

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn is charitable

Obviously, Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset is wealthy. In fact, she literally told Refinery29 that one of her mantras was, "I'm healthy. I'm wealthy. I'm blessed. I'm stress-free." So money isn't an issue for the realtor — so much so that she has said she's a lot more charitable than you might think.

In an interview with People, Quinn explained that she makes it a point to give back. "I do giveaways on my Instagram where I just give away money to random people," she said. But that's not all. "I got a laptop for a 13-year-old girl the other day who runs all my fan accounts," she continued. "I got an iPhone for one of the girls who runs another fan account, so I'm helping people go to school. I'm doing tons of stuff for girls, that people don't ever see." Female empowerment is clearly very important to Quinn, and her charitable side is one a lot of people might not know about.

How Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset got her dream house

As a real estate agent, it makes sense that Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset would value properties and the investments they represent. Additionally, Quinn's love for architecture and design means that she has a special place in her heart for homes, which makes the fact that she now lives in her dream home even sweeter.

As Quinn told Women's Health, her house is special to her because it had been her dream house for a while. "The house he ended up purchasing was actually my dream home before I even met Christian," Christine said. Sure, she probably had the money to buy it herself, but sharing it with her bae just makes it even better. "I remember prior to meeting him, I would sit in that open house every Sunday and picture myself living there, getting coffee with my husband, and that manifestation came true — I now live in the house that I envisioned myself in with my husband." A husband who buys your dream home? Now that's the dream.

Why Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn cried when watching her wedding on television

Though Christine Quinn might have an exterior tougher and more solid than the multi-million dollar homes she sells, that doesn't mean she is without a soft spot. Specifically, when it comes to the most important day of her life, her wedding day, she didn't exactly care for the way it was represented on Selling Sunset.

In an interview with People, Quinn explained how hard it was for her to watch the wedding episode when it came out. "The wedding was the best day of my life and it was hard for me to watch it on the television show because that's not really the way that I remember it," she said. "This was my day, and I was just disappointed in the way it was perceived on camera and translated, unfortunately. ... I was crying when I watched it." For Quinn, it was hard seeing her wedding so brushed over, as she spent so much time planning it and putting in small, thoughtful details, such as the song she walked down the aisle to, a violin version of "Sweet But Psycho." Still, Quinn is happily married, and no one can take that away from her.