The Sneaky Secret To Walmart's Price Tag System

If you enjoy looking for deals and discounts at Walmart, here's a trick that will help you shop smarter — Walmart's price tag system gives you a clue about whether or not you're getting the best bargain. The number at the end of the price can indicate whether the item is selling for its original price, whether its price has been rolled back once, or whether it's selling for the final rollback price, the best price you're going to get. 

According to The Smart Shopper, if the price of an item ends in a 7 (for example, if it costs $10.97), it's probably selling for the original price. If the price ends in a 5 (for example $14.95), that means it's likely at its first rollback price. If the price ends in a 0 or a 1 (for example, $8.00 or $12.01), there's a good chance the item is on its final rollback price. That's the lowest it's going to go.   

Buy it now or wait for a better deal?

If there's an item you're on the fence about, you might be wondering whether to go ahead and buy it or to wait to see if the price is going to drop. With items on their first rollback price, waiting can be a risky proposition. According to The Krazy Koupon Lady, these items can sometimes be bumped back up to their original price. So yes, waiting could give you a better deal in the future, but it could also mean you'll end up having to pay more. It's up to you whether you want to roll the dice with waiting, play it safe and buy it now, or skip it altogether. 

If there's an item you're watching, and you want to see if the price is going to fall any further, you're going to have the best luck if you check within the first five days of the month. Walmart marks its products down at the start of the month, so that's also when you're going to have the widest selection of deals.