Here's What Your Palms Are Telling You About Your Health

While palm reading may seem like nothing more than back-alley magic, it actually can provide a helpful blueprint for different areas of your life – including your health. Basic palm reading involves taking a look at each of the lines found on your hands, while more in-depth palmistry may include analysis of the length of your fingers and the mounts of your hand (via Refinery29). The practice is believed to have come from ancient India and eventually spread throughout the continent to China, Tibet, Persia, and Greece (via Allure). After nearly disappearing during the Middle Ages, palmistry experienced a resurgence during the 19th century and continues to grow today.

Since palmistry involves other areas of divination practices such as astrology and the elements, the readings have many different aspects. According to Allure, modern palm readers recommend reading both hands rather than just one to get a full scope of your health and experience. Your non-dominant hand represents your original personality and natural disposition, while your dominant hand shows the manner in which your natural personality shines through in your life (via Allure).

Additionally, hands generally come in four shapes that correspond with the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. These can give you guidance about your health and natural inclinations. Dive into these hand shapes if you're aiming for a more in-depth reading.

It's all in the lines

If you've seen palm readings in the movies, you'll likely remember the scenes where an old woman would trace her finger over her subject's hands – often on their life line. 

The life line is perhaps the most well-known palm-reading staple. This line lies along the inside of your thumb and runs all the way up to the space between your thumb and pointer finger (via China Highlights). Reflecting a person's level of physical vitality and health, the life line and its crease gauge the fullness of your journey rather than how long you will live (via Allure). Characterizing your zest and vitality for life, this line can tell you about how others will impact your experience as well. A shorter life line means that you'll likely be more autonomous and on your own path.

Since the depth of the life line indicates the ease with which you'll travel through life, it's worth taking a look at when you're diving into your health. If you notice an upward trajectory with branches on either side, it usually means you'll experience great health and vitality (via Refinery29). Plus, you might find that taking charge of your health may affect the length of your life line over time.

Even if you feel that palmistry isn't reliable, the strength and flexibility of your hands can also leave clues about the state of your health.