What Octomom And Her Kids Look Like Today

It was a story that made tabloids everywhere salivate. Natalie Suleman gave birth to eight children at once, adding to her existing six older children to become the single mom everyone loved to hate dubbed the "Octomom." Sometime known as Nadya, Natalie set world records with her multiple birth and made tabloid cover scandals for the doctor who allowed it to happen. Whether to satisfy the public curiosity, gain fame, or simply pay the bills, this uber-mom moved through some shadier projects including reality TV appearances, tabloids photo shoots, and even pornography (via NY Times). People madly sought pictures of the record-breaking multiples.

Those days are mostly in the past, however, as Suleman and family now live in a simple three bedroom apartment and live a modest and health-based life. The family mostly follows a strict vegan food plan, but otherwise lives a pretty standard lifestyle with school, chores, and weekend fun. The one thing that is rare, however, is large group outings. The family still avoids the paparazzi, but fortunately, Suleman is willing to give us a glimpse on Instagram.

Octomom and kids have all grown over the years

In a Mother's Day 2020 post, the reality star shared a great photo of nine of her children all dressed in pajamas and surrounding their mom (via Instagram). For reference, the octuplets, commonly known as "the eight" are now 11, and mom is now 44 (via In Touch Weekly). There's nothing about the pictures of these kids that screams "celebrity birth." While many have Suleman's trademark dark tresses, a few of the boys are closer to blond and with some lighter browns in between. The siblings definitely aren't identical. Similarities are easily found, however, in photo after photo of happy smiles.

As described by this mega-mom herself, the kids are generally very healthy and have great hobbies like cooking and playing music (via The Daily Mail). One of the older children struggles with autism-related learning disabilities, but overall this group seems to be excelling in their environment. Fame may be fickle, but it seems clear this family is forever.