Joe Biden Reacts To The Fly In Mike Pence's Hair

A certain fly may have stolen the show in the waning minutes of the vice presidential debate by landing (and seeming to become quite comfortable) in Vice President Mike Pence's hair. This provided a bit of levity to a viewing crowd who had probably grown weary of the usual back-and-forth animosity that tends to accompany political debates, as shown by the instant fame afforded to the insect who was probably just happy to have found a comfortable place to rest for a few minutes.

This event did not go unnoticed by anyone who was able to view the debate, and this included presidential candidate (and former vice president) Joe Biden, who was not willing to let this viral moment go to waste. He tweeted out a photo of himself, seated, holding a fly swatter, and captioned it, "Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly." And it didn't stop there.

The fly, and fly swatters, get their moment in Biden's campaign

In addition to cleverly capitalizing on the fly's sudden fame and pointing people towards his election fund, the Biden campaign worked quickly to make even more use out of this moment in time. His campaign purchased the domain, which redirects to the "I Will Vote" page that helps people learn about voting and check their registration status (the site is paid for by the Democratic National Committee).

However, it wasn't long before merch started showing up on Biden's website. Guess what? You can own a Biden-branded flyswatter (yes, really!). For $10, you'll get a blue fly swatter emblazoned with the phrase, "Truth Over Flies." The purchase price, the website notes, is a donation towards the Biden Victory Fund (and the product is made in the USA). What else might spring forth from the fly in Pence's hair? Only time will tell.