Here's Where The Mom From Married... With Children Is Today

As our favorite part of the dreaded Bundy Curse, Katey Sagal's fantastically coiffed Peg Bundy character from the beloved '80s and '90s sitcom "Married... With Children" always comes to mind whenever we see Sagal these days. Most recently, she popped up on ABC on "The Conners" as Dan's new girlfriend, Louise, and also as Judy's estranged mother, Eleanor, in the last two episodes of season 2 of "Dead to Me" (via IMDb). The Netflix series stars Christina Applegate, who also played Sagal's "Married... With Children" daughter, the infamous Kelly Bundy.

While some may know Sagal from "Married... With Children," others know her as the queen in the FX show "Sons of Anarchy." Sagal played the manipulative matriarch Gemma Teller Morrow for seven seasons, and she told ABC News that she was surprised to come upon another role that would be so memorable for fans and was honored to be able to play not just one iconic TV character but two. But Sagal is not resting on her laurels.

Katey Sagal's show Rebel got canceled

Sagal has been keeping busy in recent years. The "Sons of Anarchy" actor starred in the 2021 ABC drama "Rebel." Sagal plays the lead character, Annie "Rebel" Bello, a scrappy legal advocate without a law degree based on famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich (via Variety). "Rebel is not just my story, it is all of our stories," Brockovich said in a statement (via New York Daily News). "I cannot think of anyone better to play this role than the indomitable Katey Sagal, who is such a force."

Much to Sagal's disappointment, however, the ABC show wasn't renewed for Season 2. Sagal posted on Instagram a call for fans to spread the word about the show in the hopes of getting the show picked up with another channel or streaming service, but it hasn't happened yet (per TV Line). But another canceled series that Sagal was a part of got renewed recently, so you never know! We may get another chance to see Sagal as Rebel.

Katey Sagal's coming back on Futurama and The Conners

"Futurama" is the series that's making a comeback; Katey Sagal voiced the one-eyed main character Turanga Leela for the animated sci-fi sitcom — Leela was captain of the delivery ship Planet Express (per IMDb). Hulu will broadcast 20 episodes of the show starting in 2023, and the main cast, including Sagal, have come back to continue telling the stories of the delivery crew (via Deadline). The cancellation of "Rebel" also opened up another door for Sagal.

Katey Sagal had a guest-starring role on "The Conners" as Louise Goldufski, an old high school friend of Dan Conner, and her character is featured as a love interest for him starting in season 2. With her show "Rebel" being canceled, Sagal had more time to shoot for "The Conners" (via Cinema Blend). Executive producer Dave Caplan told Cinema Blend that they're happy to have Sagal continue playing Louise since, "She's so good for us to open up Dan's character. It really takes him places that we couldn't ever envision the character going before." Sadly, Sagal wasn't able to film for a chunk of season 4 as she was hospitalized after being hit by a car in late 2021, but after recovering, she'll be back by episode 14 (per Entertainment Tonight).

Katey Sagal will act alongside Christina Applegate in Dead to Me

Sagal will also reprise her role on Netflix's "Dead to Me." According to TVLine, star of "Dead to Me" Christina Applegate made the call to cast Sagal. "They're very close," says "Dead to Me" creator Liz Feldman. "Christina adores Katey. She really is like a mother to her." While in the second season, Sagal had just a cameo appearance, in Season 3, we'll get to see Sagal on screen with Applegate, her former TV daughter. Sagal told Entertainment Tonight that she was definitely excited to work with Applegate.

If that wasn't enough, Sagal is starring in the thriller flick "Tattered Hearts," set to come out in 2022 (per IMDb). She plays Harper Dutch, a reclusive former country music star sought out by a country music duo on the rise who have to navigate a "twisted series of horrors" as they try and pursue their dreams (via The Hollywood Reporter).

While Sagal definitely known more as an actor, though she has recorded three albums (per Discogs), she is grateful to still be working in Hollywood after so many years, telling Entertainment Weekly, "Wow, this is so great that I'm able to continue to be a working actor and still be interested in the roles that I'm getting to play." Here's looking forward to what she'll do next!