The Internet Is Buzzing Over This Ruth Bader Ginsburg Debate Meme

When we saw a fly land on Vice President Mike Pence's head during the debate last night, we knew it would only be a matter of time before the internet exploded with memes making light of situation — and we have not been disappointed. While the jokes have ranged from horror movie references to puns about excrement, one of the memes garnering the most attention was one suggesting the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg sent the fly from the great beyond as punishment for the Trump administrations failure to honor her dying wish that no new justice be nominated until after the election.

The meme is simply the classic photo of RBG in her white collared frock with the words, "I sent the fly" printed across her chest. It was first shared by a Twitter user who posted, "You didn't even let us bury her you f******," implying vengeance was swift. And came in the form of the buzzing insect. The responses have been similarly ridiculous.  

What the internet is saying about the Ruth Bader Ginsburg debate meme

"Ha, I thought something similar last night ... ," replied a Twitter user while sharing an animated image of a tiny RBG riding the fly like a battle horse, an image too epic to be ignored. "It was kind of Exorcist like," posted another. "Well if you see it like that, she sent a heck of a lot more stuff," tweeted a third, presumably referring to the multiple recent diagnoses of COVID-19 among the president and his staff. Meanwhile, other responses simply included GIFs of people applauding and other similar signs of approval.

These folks were not alone in feeling the fly was somehow motivated by either something metaphysical or political. One user tweeted, simply, "Mr. #Fly welcome to the resistance!!" While another said, "Did @StephenKing write the script for the debate tonight?" And finally, we have this tweet: "I would never have expected RBG to be reincarnated as a fly."

But if RBG was indeed pulling some metaphysical strings from the other side, the fly isn't owning up to it. Yes, you heard that right: The fly has his own voice now and is amplifying it via his very own Twitter account, where his bio touts himself as "Pretty fly on a white guy," and, like pop star Taylor Swift, officially endorses the Biden/Harris ticket.