Why Dr. Now's Son Is The Reason My 600-Lb Life Exists

For more than eight years, TLC's hit reality show My 600-lb Life has offered viewers an honest glimpse into the lives of high-risk bariatric patients, who are struggling with their condition. But for fans of the show, the true draw each week is watching the no nonsense, tough-love approach of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. One of only a few surgeons that will take on high-risk, morbidly obese patients, the Houston-based professional, is the unlikely star of the franchise, which has aired for eight seasons (via Monagiza). With his even-keeled demeanor, Dr. Now, as he's affectionately known by fans, has amassed quite a fan base — and it's doubtful the show would have its level of success and popularity without his involvement.

What viewers might not know about the beloved doctor is that, were it not for his son Jonathan, the show and Dr. Now would never have made it to our television screens (via Cheatsheet).

Dr. Nowzaradan's son featured his dad in a documentary

Dr. Now's eldest child, Jonathan, is CEO and co-owner of a production company called Megalomedia (via The Austin Chronicle). Incorporated in 2003, the media company was a creative venture intended to produce documentaries that would not only educate viewers, but motivate them as well. With a degree in business and Christian ministry, the younger Nowzaradan explained in a 2007, "It's fine to make some money, but media can be used for so much more, to communicate a lot of good things, to encourage, to inspire."

In 2010, Megalomedia distributed its first documentary, which featured the struggles of 841-pound, Austin resident Renee Williams, who was thought to be the heaviest woman in the world at the time. The film chronicled her search for help that eventually led her to Dr. Now, the only doctor willing to take on such a high-risk patient. Sadly, like many morbidly obese patients, Williams passed away from a heart attack just two weeks after weight-loss surgery. Her family was so touched by the care and portrayal of Williams' struggles by the Megalomedia crew, they gave the production company permission to release the film with the name World's Heaviest Woman, a title that Williams herself approved prior to her death.

TLC picked up the documentary, and it garnered so much attention, Megalomedia began work on a docu-series called Last Chance to Live, which eventually morphed into season one of My 600-lb Life (via Monagiza).