What The Trump Family's Homes Really Look Like

The Trump family has been known to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. With Tiffany Trump's identity as one of the "rich kids of Instagram," as noted by Town & Country, Ivanka Trump's lavish wedding (which cost at least an estimated $1 million, according to CheatSheet), and Eric Trump's family vacations to Aspen, Palm Beach, and Dubai, the Trump kids are clearly used to a certain level of comfort. But these luxuries are nothing compared to the Trump family's many homes and vacation properties.


Ivanka's massive Washington, D.C. home has tons of room and every modern comfort, as reported by The Washington Post. Plus, Donald Trump Jr.'s luxurious vacation home in the Hamptons — which has a huge master bedroom with a lavish master bathroom, as shown in the property listing – is certainly the perfect place to relax. But of course, those mansions pale in comparison to the White House and to Donald Trump's show-stopping three-story Manhattan apartment at Trump Tower. Read on to see what the Trumps' homes really look like.

Donald Trump's childhood home has a surprisingly small kitchen

While Donald Trump is known for his extravagant life, he didn't always live in such a lavish home. He grew up in Queens, N.Y., in a community called Jamaica Estates. "Different parts of Queens were rough; this was an oasis," Trump said of his childhood community in an interview with The New York Times. He described Jamaica Estates as being "safe — it was very family oriented." Indeed, this home, as shown in the Paramount Reality USA property listing, is surprisingly suburban.


The Trump family home, which Donald lived in until he was 4 years old, has a charming family feel, especially in the kitchen, which has wood cabinets, a window over the sink, and white tile floors and backsplash. This would have been where Mary and Fred Trump would have prepared meals for their children, including Donald Trump. The kitchen is quaint, but is relatively dark and small, with a closed-off floor plan. The home may be dated, but for a home that was built by Fred Trump in 1940, as reported by The New York Timesit's stood the test of time well.

Donald Trump's childhood home has small but charming bedrooms

Donald Trump's childhood family home is not very large. It's only 2,500 square-feet, according to Town & Country, but it's still suitable for a large family, like the Trumps, who were as a family of seven (via Business Insider). The home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, with each bedroom just as charming as the next. Being built in 1940, this home has a lot of retro charm, as seen by the property listing.


Many of these bedrooms were likely used as kids' rooms, of course. Today, one bedroom boasts yellow walls and open shelves, though who knows how it looked when the home was occupied by the Trumps. Another room, located in the attic space features beautiful hardwood floors and twin closets on either side of the windows. 

Each of these rooms is lovely and must have made for a nice family home.

Donald Trump's Manhattan penthouse is overwhelmingly gold

There's been some controversy about Donald Trump's Manhattan apartment located in Trump Tower, in regards to its size and value. He has famously claimed that his three-story apartment, which occupies parts of floors 66 to 68, spans 33,000 square-feet and is valued at $200 million. Meanwhile, Forbes found that the home is actually only 10,996 square-feet and is worth about $64 million. 


Still, even without that extra space, the apartment is certainly large and opulent, decorated with marble and 24-karat gold around every corner. The rooms are filled with plush furniture, stately pillars, and lots of gold on almost every surface. The home also has painted ceilings, a luxurious water fountain, and a fabulous view, as seen on The Apprentice. This is all thanks to designer Angelo Donghia, who also designed interiors for celebrities like Mary Tyler Moore and Ralph Lauren, reports Travel + Leisure.

With all these flashy features, it's a wonder anyone actually lives in this home. It looks more like a palace than a New York City apartment.

Barron Trump has his own floor in Trump Tower

Directly after the election in 2016, the Trump family made headlines when they announced that Melania Trump and Donald Trump's youngest son, Barron Trump. would continue living in their Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan until Barron could finish the school year, as reported by CNN


While the country may have been surprised to see the first family live separately, it's understandable that Barron would want to stay put with a luxurious, three-story apartment to call home. In an interview with Parenting (via Redbook), Melania revealed that Barron has an entire floor of the New York apartment to himself. Having all that space is certainly a luxury for a young boy. Plus Barron's "room" has apparently always been a place he could relax and express himself. Melania revealed that she allowed him to draw on the walls when he was younger. "His imagination is growing and important," she told Parenting. "He draws on the walls in his playroom, we can paint it over." 

In addition to what may be lots of colorful walls, Barron's room is likely filled with technology. According to Donald, his son is super tech savvy, as noted by the Chicago Tribune.


The Trumps refurbished parts of the White House

New presidents are expected to make changes to their White House residence, but the Trumps went above and beyond. In April 2019, Melania Trump shared photos of the newly renovated White House residence bowling alley, which she updated with new wiring and a new interior, and she restored the wood on the lane, reported The Washington Post. Then in March 2020, Melania shared photos on Twitter documenting the new tennis pavilion being installed on the White House grounds.


But the first lady's renovations aren't all about fun and games. In the Red Room, which has historically served as a sitting room, Melania Trump replaced the red wall fabric, which had faded from years of sun exposure. She also designed a new rug, decorated with the state flowers of all 50 states, for the Diplomatic Reception Room. In addition, she returned blue and gold historic furnishings, known as the Bellangé suite, to the Blue Room, reported Business Insider.

Melania Trump redecorated her White House bedroom

It's tradition that the first lady redecorates the presidential residence, so shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration, his wife, Melania Trump, hired New York-based interior designer Tham Kannalikham to revamp the space, as CNN reported. While no photos have been released of the space, Michael Wolff's tell-all book revealed some surprising ways Melania and Kannalikham personalized the White House space for the Trump family, according to New York Magazine's Intelligencer.


Wolff explained that one of the biggest changes included separating the living quarters so that Donald and Melania could have separate bedrooms, pointing out that this was the first time the president and the first lady's living quarters have been separated since John F. Kennedy was in office. Further, Wolff wrote that Donald had two more televisions added to his room, making that a total of three TVs in the bedroom. The president also requested that a lock be added to his door, which "precipitat[ed] a brief standoff with the secret service, who insisted they have access to the room."

Ivanka Trump has a beautiful kitchen in her D.C. mansion

After Donald Trump was elected, Ivanka Trump; her husband, Jared Kushner; and their children moved from their New York City apartment to the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C., where the Obamas also live, as reported by Zillow. This colonial home, built in 1923, has tons of classic charm on the exterior with a charming blue door and shuttered windows. But the truly impressive parts of this home are inside. 


As noted in the property listing, the kitchen includes modern appliances, clean white countertops, modern beige cabinets, and even a wall-mounted television to watch TV when cooking. The kitchen also boasts space for a small table, the perfect place for Ivanka to have breakfast with her family, which she said she does every morning, according to a 2015 interview with My Morning Routine.

Meanwhile, the luxurious lower level guest suite has a kitchenette with a full-sized fridge. This kitchen space is similar to the main kitchen but with sleek gray cabinetry and a gray and orange backsplash that gives off a more playful vibe.

Ivanka Trump's many living spaces are super chic

Ivanka Trump's Washington, D.C. home boasts a total of four living areas. Yes, four. 

One formal living room is complete with gorgeous crown molding, a modern black fireplace, and lots of room for seating, as shown in the Zillow property listing. It's a comfortable but sophisticated place to welcome guests. 


But, of course, her three young children also need casual spaces to lounge. One great place to kick back and relax in this home is the sunroom, a massive room at the back of the house that has windowed doors and a beautiful view of the yard. In addition to these spaces, there's also a modest family room right off of the kitchen, which is a perfect place for the kids to relax or do homework. As if these living spaces weren't enough, there's an additional living room in the lower level guest suite. With so much space, Trump's family of five is likely very comfortable.

Ivanka Trump's master suite has a fireplace and a deck that overlooks her backyard

With so many large living spaces, it only seems appropriate that the bedrooms in Ivanka Trump's home also be big and luxurious. The master suite is indeed impressive, with large windows, a modern fireplace, and an entrance to a private balcony that overlooks the backyard. The room also has two sizable walk-in closets with built-in drawers, as seen on Zillow.


The home has five bedrooms in addition to the master, each with wood flooring and large windows to brighten the space. One of these rooms is pictured in the listing with a modern built-in desk while another has playful built-in orange shelving. While it's not clear if Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner chose to keep these features, they do make for convenient additions, especially for kids' rooms. 

While six bedrooms may seem like a lot, it's clear that one of these spaces can easily work as a home office or meditation room, which Trump could use for her morning meditations, as she detailed in an interview with Dr. Oz. 

Ivanka Trump has seven updated bathrooms, including an amazing master bath

Ivanka Trump's Washington D.C. mansion has an incredible seven bathrooms, according to the property's Zillow listing. The most impressive is, as expected, the master suite. With a free-standing tub, a glass door shower with elegant gray and gold tiles, and a modern floating toilet, this space is large and luxurious. In an interview with My Morning Routine, Ivanka said that she showers every morning and then puts her makeup on (in just eight minutes). But with a bathroom like this, perhaps she will want to take her time.


There are five more full bathrooms in the house, four of which are almost identical with modern white vanities. They each also have large showers with glass doors and sleek gray tile. However, one bathroom, located in the lower level guest suite, has orange shower tile instead of the home's standard gray, which cleverly matches the backsplash in the suite's kitchenette.

In addition to these guest bathrooms, Ivanka Trump's house includes a lovely powder room with a chic black vanity counter and a small window that overlooks this home's peaceful street. 

Donald Trump Jr. has an impressive pool and lots of outdoor space

In 2019, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, bought a 9,200 square-foot mansion in the Hamptons for a lofty $4.4 million, as reported by The New York Post. While the home itself is enormous, with seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as the property listing stated, the yard is just as impressive. The property includes a beautiful pergola, which could be perfect for outdoor dining for Donald Jr., Guilfoyle, his five kids, and her son from a previous marriage. The space also has a rectangular pool and attached spa in the backyard, which is surrounded by flowers and shady trees. 


The large backyard is just perfect for Donald Jr., who is famously an experienced outdoorsman (via Business Insider). With his love of fishing, it's no wonder why he and Guilfoyle would purchase this home, what with the property's access to the nearby 25-acre kettle pond!

The kitchen in Donald Trump Jr.'s house is very tasteful

Donald Trump Jr.'s Hamptons home certainly has a big backyard, but it also had a lot of room inside. The beautifully designed kitchen, for instance, is massive. It almost looks like it could be used as a commercial kitchen.


But this kitchen isn't just big, this space is filled with gorgeous contemporary style, like white cabinets, a large island, and a farmhouse feel. In the Zillow property listing, the home is shown with two simple but stunning pendant lights over the island, and while it's not clear if Donald Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle chose to keep these lights, they do give the space a classy touch. The space also features two sinks and a wine fridge for extra convenience. With all it offers, this kitchen seems like the perfect place to prepare any meal. According to New York Magazine, Donald Jr. and his siblings are used to a sophisticated fair.

Donald Trump Jr.'s house has plenty of bedrooms and a stunning master suite

Between Donald Trump Jr., his five kids, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and her son, this Hamptons home needs a lot of bedrooms for this large blended family to be comfortable. Luckily, with seven roomy bedrooms in total, there's enough space for each of the kids to have their own room, plus a gorgeous master suite for Donald Jr. and Guilfoyle.


The master suite in this home is stunning, with high ceilings, big windows, and a beautiful private balcony. It even has space for a sitting area, which, in its property listing, had a lovely chandelier hanging above it. Plus, this suite has a luxurious master bathroom that features a double vanity, a makeup vanity, a bathtub with a view out of a large window, and a large shower with a glass door. This room is so lovely that Donald Jr. and his girlfriend may never want to leave!

With so many rooms, Donald Trump Jr.'s house is a great place to entertain

Donald Trump Jr.'s Hamptons house is a lovely place to get away and relax. Without a doubt, he is sure to find himself with visitors hoping to spend time in this gorgeous home, so it's important that the house have plenty of sitting spaces. The main living room is light and bright, with a large stone fireplace and access to a large deck. Next to the living room there's a sunroom that looks over the beautiful pool. 


There's also a round room with a charming chandelier. In the Zillow listing, it's pictured with a round table, perfect for game nights. Besides that, there's a more casual sitting room with another stone fireplace, as well as an upstairs family room — which, in the listing, is outfitted with a pool table. It's clear that there's lots of places to hang out in this home.