Gloria Estefan's Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Gloria Estefan's daughter has grown up to be gorgeous, though that's hardly a surprise. Along with her husband, famed producer Emilio Estefan, Gloria Estefan herself is stunning and has been a giant in the Latin music industry for decades. Rightfully considered an icon of Latin pop, Gloria has done it all, from topping the charts with Miami Sound Machine to winning numerous Grammy Awards to mentoring superstars like Shakira. Top it all off with the fact that she's done it all in not one, but two languages — English and Spanish — and you have a bona fide legend on your hands.

You might be tempted to think that Gloria's daughter, Emily Estefan, shies away from the spotlight, with such a towering figure as a mother. Who could live up to such a trailblazing juggernaut, after all? But Emily has become a talented musician in her own right, all the while marching to the beat of her own drum. So if you're curious to know more about her, keep reading because Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily, has grown up to be gorgeous.

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, was a miracle baby

Longtime fans of Gloria Estefan can't help but remember the accident that nearly took her life. According to People, on March 20, 1990, a semi-truck careened into Gloria's tour bus on a snowy Pennsylvania highway. The singer suffered multiple injuries, including a broken back, which almost left her paralyzed.

It took a long time and a lot of hard work, but Gloria eventually recovered from the crash. Eventually, she gave birth to Emily Estefan on Dec. 5, 1994 — which was nothing short of miraculous, according to Gloria. "From the moment she was born she was pretty much a miracle baby," she revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "They told me I would never have another baby after that accident, and here I am." 

Naturally, Gloria and her husband were beyond thrilled, as having a daughter was the answer to their prayers. "We wanted her very much," she continued," and she was beyond anything we could have ever hoped for." What a grand entrance to make into the world!

From the start, Emily Estefan, Gloria Estefan's daughter, was musically inclined

Being the daughter of Emilio and Gloria Estefan pretty much guaranteed that Emily Estefan would develop a profound appreciation of music. Additionally, Gloria was at the height of her career when Emily was a child, which meant Emily had some pretty incredible experiences growing up. "Since I was 2, I was already standing on stages feeling a nine-piece horn section vibrating two feet away from me," she recalled in a chat with Cryptic Rock. "It kind of gave me some indications of how hard and how beautiful ... music can be as a career."

That's what got Emily started playing music, her first instrument being the drums. "Psychologically, thinking about it now, I was a very shy little girl [laughs]," she told Albumism. "I felt really protected behind the drums, they're a really great tool for expression."

Emily later would go on to learn a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, bass, keys, synths, and percussion — pretty much everything but horns!

As a young girl, Gloria Estefan's daughter wondered if she was normal

Obviously, Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, had everything that she needed when she was growing up in Miami, thanks to her mother and father's millionaire status (via Celebrity Net Worth). However, that's not to say that Emily didn't have challenges of her own to face, especially when it came to her identity. "As a young person, my biggest isolation truly came from myself," she confessed to the It Gets Better Project. "I would superimpose this fear on myself, like 'Maybe I'm not normal, or maybe there's something wrong with me.'" Hey, we've all been there at one point or another.

Rather than wallow in her insecurities, however, Emily made the decision to actualize herself and kick negativity to the curb. "It was me against myself, and fear is the opposite of love," she continued. "So when I removed that fear, and I stood in the face of myself, then the isolation was gone."

For college, Emily Estefan, Gloria Estefan's daughter, chose Berklee

In addition to her musical pursuits, Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, enjoyed playing basketball growing up, according to the Miami Herald. She also had good grades at Miami Country Day School, so, by the time she graduated, it was time to figure out what her next step would be.

While Emily initially toyed with the idea of med school, in an effort to separate herself from her musical family, in the end, her love of performance won over. "That's when I decided to go all in and that's when I knew I wanted to study music," she revealed in an interview with Cryptic Rock. "I made the decision to get into Berklee College of Music and try to earn my own musicianship." To that end, it was time for Emily to ship off to Boston.

It was at Berklee that Emily truly became serious about making music her profession, in what would become a years-long journey. "That is a lifelong lesson, but that's the first step," she added.

When Gloria Estefan's daughter sang, it moved her mother to tears

Even though Emily Estefan is Gloria Estefan's daughter — a woman known worldwide, thanks to her incredible pipes — Emily didn't sing for her mother until she was in college, according to her father, Emilio Estefan. "I didn't know she sang," he told the Associated Press. "She never sang for me and Gloria."

Emily only decided to sing for her famous parents when she was home from college on break and had assignments waiting for her that required her to use her voice. And though Emily told her mother not to cry, Gloria was, of course, moved to tears. "It took me a very long time to muster up the courage to shed that cowardice," Emily explained. "I came back from my first break and sang for my mom, and I think that was the last puzzle piece for me to be able to explore my musicality." And that she did, during her watershed four years in Boston.

Emily graduated from the Berkelee College of Music in 2016, according to their website. After that, the world was hers for the taking.

Gloria Estefan's daughter released her debut album in 2017

After Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, graduated from college, what was the next step in her trajectory? Why, release an album, of course — one that she composed and played every instrument on, except for the horns. The end result was Take Whatever You Want, Emily's debut record, which dropped in 2017.

Rather than rely on her existing connections, Emily made the executive decision to release it on her own label, Alien Shrimp Records. "A lot of people just assume I could have just signed onto my parents' label," she explained in an interview with Remezcla, "but the point is that nowadays as an artist, you have the opportunity to make music literally in a laptop in your underwear."

To that end, Emily wanted to see the project through, from start to finish, without relying on anyone else. "What was important to me was that I wanted to do this all myself," she continued, "and I wanted to find a partner distributor that believed in me and didn't want to change or own my vision."

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily, gets tattoos for this reason

In addition to releasing her first album on her own terms, Gloria Estefan's daughter Emily Estefan also enjoys doing something on her own: getting tattoos. As she sees it, curating her ink is another way she expresses her individuality. "When you're born, you don't pick what you look like or where your moles are or whatever," she told Remezcla. "But when you get a tattoo, you're making a permanent decision about your body." She's not wrong!

Specifically, Emily has several different tattoos. On her right arm, she has letters that spell out the word "alien," as she often feels like a bit of one herself. She also has a half sleeve with a dragonfly on her left arm — in memory of her grandfather — and peonies that represent female beauty and strength. "It's like being present for something you'll have forever that you decided — completely by yourself," she continued.

Additionally, Emily has a Saturn-like planet tattooed on her arm, accompanied by a lightbulb and what looks like a conch shell.

When Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily, came out as queer, this is who helped her

The year 2017 was a big one for Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, and not just because she dropped her first album. That was also the year that she publicly came out as queer, in an Instagram post celebrating her one-year anniversary with her girlfriend, Gemeny Hernandez. As of 2020, the pair are still an item, too!

While Gloria has a well-documented history of championing LGBTQ+ rights, as noted by the Dallas Voice, Emily has found support from other people as well. "Two that come to mind in the past couple of years — specifically with my sexual orientation — is my grandma," she revealed in a chat with the It Gets Better Project. "She had polar opposite ideals than I did." But that didn't change the way Emily's grandmother treated her, which was always with compassion, respect, and love.

So who's the other person that's supported Emily's journey? "My beautiful girlfriend," she continued. She added that her girlfriend brings her closer to herself and changes her life every day. Aww!

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily, loves her parents, but marches to the beat of her own drum

Being the child of wealthy and famous parents like the Estefans certainly comes with its perks. For one, Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, doesn't have to worry about money, and she probably never will. Plus, Gloria is well-respected in a variety of circles, so people naturally look kindly upon her family members.

None of that is lost on Emily, who, by all accounts, is super close with both of her parents. "I don't want to separate myself from them, I'm very proud and honored to be a part of the family," she explained in an interview with Albumism. "But, of course, it's really difficult to have someone's first perception always be 'Oh, it's the Estefans' kid.'"

That's why Emily marches to the beat of her own drum, literally and figuratively. She appreciates the acclaim that comes with her moniker, but also continually strives to let her uniqueness shine through in all of her pursuits.

This was Gloria Estefan's daughter's career highlight... so far

Ever since Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, decided to forge a career in music, she's had all kinds of amazing experiences — many of them thanks to both her skills and her legendary parents. "I've been fortunate enough to be a part of many incredible and personal musical moments," she told Out magazine. "They range from televised celebrations for Quincy Jones to intimate family party jam sessions." Who can say they've done that, and at such a young age!

However, of all of the cool things Emily has experienced in her career, there's one occasion that stands out to her more than any other. "I'd say one of my top career highlights so far would be playing the first press of my first album on vinyl for the first time," she continued. "I was alone and extremely connected to the music and the present." She added that she hasn't had a moment quite that powerful since, though there's plenty of time for that in the future!

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily, believes in equality and feminism

If there's one thing you can say about Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, it's that she's someone with principles and convictions. She's deeply invested in female empowerment, especially, and hopes to see things improve in her lifetime when it comes to gender parity. "One of the things I value most in life is equality — treating people how you want to be treated," she revealed in an interview with the Miami Herald. "I think everybody has their thing they have to deal with in life." 

Emily has certainly had to contend with sexism in the music industry, as she's been dismissed simply because she's a female drummer on more than one occasion. That's why one of the songs on her album Take Whatever You Want, "Take 5," samples Hillary Clinton speaking about women's rights. "It's pretty much saying: Can we get on the same page?" she continued. "Because if not, you're going to need to adjust." We're so here for this!

At the end of the day, this is Gloria Estefan's daughter's goal

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, has accomplished a lot in her life, from performing with legends to graduating from college to creating her own original music. So what is it that Emily hopes to do more of in the future? "When people ask me about my goals for success, I don't think about sold out shows and lots of money," she explained in a chat with Albumism. "I think about continuing to be able to wake up and say that I can strap my instrument around my neck and that I can mix (a record) until 5am."

That's why Emily isn't beating herself up or comparing herself to either one of her insanely accomplished parents. "I'm going to do my best to stay in that direction," she continued, "but business wise I would love to continue to have Alien Shrimp grow and in the future continue to collaborate with people who share my same vision for music." We can't wait to see who that might be.

Along with her mother Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan launched Red Table Talk: The Estefans

Just as Jada Pinkett Smith — who's undergone a stunning transformation — and her mother and daughter get candid on Red Table Talk, so too do the Estefan women — that is, as of 2020. That's when Facebook Watch launched spin-off Red Table Talk: The Estefans, as noted by the Miami Herald.

Participating on the show has been educational and insightful for Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, who's learned so much about both her mother and her cousin, Lili Estefan. "Through the process of this show, they've become superheroes for me," she gushed in an interview with NBC News. "And I think they will for everybody else."

In particular, Emily says she gained a whole new perspective of her mother, after hearing the intimate details of Gloria's 1990 crash. "I learned so much about my mom's accident," she continued. "There's so much more strength that I now attribute to vulnerability." 

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily, is done wasting time on anger

Now that Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, is on top of the world, she's done letting any negativity have control over her and her life. "I feel like I wasted a whole lot of time focusing on anger," she confessed in an interview with the It Gets Better Project. That's a bold statement, especially in such divided times!

Rather than let bad things fester, Emily kicked anything she no longer needs in her life to the curb, in favor of becoming her true self. "The reality is that it takes a lot of growth, [it] takes a lot of spirituality, and focus on yourself," she continued. "Focus on being a good person because that's what truly matters, your heart and your soul." She added that everything else will fall into place when you let go of what's holding you back.