Here's Who Peter Quint From Bly Manor Is Dating In Real Life

As if real life is not scary enough, The Haunting of Bly Manor is a frighteningly popular new show on Netflix (via EW). The ghost/love story has captivated audiences, with one star in particular setting tongues wagging: Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who plays Peter Quint. One look at the British actor, who also appeared in the edge-of-your-seater, The Invisible Man with Elisabeth Moss, and you'll see why fans everywhere are dying to know if he is romantically linked to anyone (via IMDb). Well, it seems for now, Jackson-Cohen is spoken for — hey, don't shoot the messenger!

The actor met his girlfriend, Jessica De Gouw, while filming Dracula for NBC, according to Capital FM. The Australian actress may look familiar to many as she appeared on The Crown last year (via IMDb). Meanwhile, it seems this relationship is here to stay — the gorgeous couple has been linked since 2013 and all signs point to happiness, maybe even forever.

We don't know much, but we know they love one another

Jessica De Gouw has featured the classically good-looking Oliver Jackson-Cohen, whom Popbuzz calls the next "horror heartthrob," on her Instagram with sweet messages like, "I thank my lucky stars for you." Meanwhile, he has also shown his love for De Gouw on his Instagram — one adorable image showcases Jackson-Cohen kissing his pillow-lipped partner.

As for what the future holds, Capital FM notes the couple are reportedly headed down the aisle together soon, although these rumors are yet to be confirmed. Entertainment Daily notes the pair are pretty private about their relationship. Whatever they are doing seems to work. Both actors are enjoying increasing success with their careers, and have managed to stay together in a crazy industry for seven years. We're happy for them, and hey, at least we can still admire Jackson-Cohen on screen, and dare to dream!