90 Day Fiance: Chantel Jimeno's Feud With Her In-Laws Has Gotten Intense

Anyone who follows 90 Day Fiancé alum Chantel Jimeno knows she's not shy about sharing her grievances regarding husband Pedro Jimeno's mom, Lidia, and his sister, Nicole. She made her feelings about the former pretty clear on her Instagram Stories in May 2019, when she posted a meme that read, "A toast to the mother-in-laws that try to micromanage their adult sons/daughters love lives but have never had a successful one themselves" (via In Touch). Those are some harsh words, but Chantel still had more to say. 

In another snarky video posted the following month, which was captured by Newsweek, she displayed a card reading, "How God made my in-laws," before sparingly doling out grains of rice over descriptive words like nice, caring, supportive, and loving, until she reached the words "fake" and "rude" ... over which she dumped the entire bag of rice.

Well, it looks as though the bitterness is still burning hot within Chantel, at least according to a sneak peek of Season 2 of The Family Chantel, in which the nursing student has some more choice words for her in-laws. The Family Chantel is Chantel and Pedro's spin-off series of 90 Day Fiancé — which is where viewers first saw the drama between these two families erupt. But the accusations, fireworks, and awkward moments have certainly spilled over into The Family Chantel's 2020 season, with Chantel's feud with her in-laws only getting more intense.

Chantel Jimeno says her in-laws need to 'think small'

Chantel Jimeno has made it clear she believes her in-laws take advantage of her husband, Pedro Jimeno, by asking him to foot the bill for some of their living expenses in the Dominican Republic, as well as pressuring him for pricey gifts like computers and TVs. In Touch notes that on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Chantel claimed Pedro was sending as much as $300 a month to his family. However, this drama is compounded by the fact that Chantel's family thinks Pedro used her just to get a green card — a suspicion that makes Pedro's family super resentful, according to Heavy

But Chantel's not backing down. Season 2 of The Family Chantel finds the 29-year-old preparing to graduate from nursing school, and Pedro looking forward to the future. In a sneak peek released in September 2020, per ET, Chantel says, "This is a new chapter in our lives," while Pedro adds, "We can buy a house. I want to start school. It's like a big dream. American dream." Pedro then refers to Chantel by his pet name for her, saying, "Pinky, in America, you need to think big!" In classic Chantel style, she retorts, "Tell your family that they have to think small because they're on a small island. So stop asking for money, so we can live big." 

The drama between these families never gets old, does it? Season 2 of The Family Chantel premiered on Oct. 12, 2020, on TLC.