Here's What Your Enneagram Number Actually Means

Who are you, really? There are so many ways to find out, whether you want to go with a traditional Meyers-Briggs personality test, crunch the numbers in your birthdate and name to find out what numerology says about you, or see whether your astrology chart reading rings true. An increasingly popular way to sleuth out your true self is to find out what your enneagram number is, which requires taking a test available at the Enneagram Institute's website. You'll be asked questions about how much of a perfectionist you are, how important it is to you to succeed, the importance of relationships in your life, and whether you try to stand out in a crowd, and depending on what your responses you are, you'll be assigned an Enneagram number from one to nine.

If you answer the test questions honestly, the answer you end up with will probably ring true. "The Enneagram strikes a chord with people," Melanie Bell, Enneagram Institute certified teacher, told Better Homes & Gardens. "It tells us about ourselves and others with depth and insight."

The different enneagram numbers and what they mean

According to the Enneagram Institute's website, the first enneagram number type is 1, The Reformer, who is a perfectionist with a steady supply of self-control, while 2, The Helper, is the very definition of a people pleaser. Type 3 is The Achiever, your classic success seeker who cares about their image, and Type 4, The Individualist, is a drama queen with a flare for self expression. In fact, these Type 4's may be a little too emotional for their own good, Bustle notes. But, they are never boring!

Type 5, The Investigator, is a solitary, intense, cerebral type, and Type 6, The Loyalist, is committed to you, and trustworthy, but tends to be a bit of a worrywart, per Bustle. Type 7, on the other hand, is The Enthusiast and probably uses a lot of exclamation points in texts. He or she is extroverted, spontaneous, and can be a little scattered. Type 8, The Challenger, is dominating and confrontational; probably not the kind of person you'd want to wait on at a restaurant. (If those fries aren't crispy enough, watch out!) Finally, Type 9 is The Peacemaker and just wants everyone to get along. With all of the other Enneagram Types and their big personalities, it's a good thing we have Type 9's to keep us from fighting with each other!