The Truth About The Bachelorette's Bennett Jordan

After the first episode of Clare Crawley's long-awaited Bachelorette season finally aired, many people pegged contestant Bennett Jordan as the season's villain. We already know that he's probably not going to win Clare's heart since spoilers revealed months ago that she fell hard for Dale Moss at first sight, but will he have a chance with Clare's rumored replacement Tayshia Adams?

Not if fans have anything to say about it. Bennet's limo entrance in the first episode immediately turned off viewers. Per Elite Daily, the Atlanta native arrived in Palm Springs in a little too much style, rolling up in a Rolls Royce that he said he took all the way from his home in NYC. He also wore a scarf in spite of the balmy Florida weather, which fans quickly tore apart on social media.

"Bennett please take your scarf off. You're in Palm Springs," tweeted one fan. Another wrote, "Bennett be a villain from Gossip Girl."

Bennett Jordan went to Harvard

It wasn't just the car and the scarf that viewers weren't feeling. It was also the fact that Bennett is a Harvard alum and wants everyone to know it. It's in his ABC bio and he made sure to name drop his school in the season opener. According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from the Ivy League university in 2007 with a degree in political science and government. He currently works as the managing director of wealth and alternative asset management at Whitney Partners, LLC.

Bennet is handsome and clearly wealthy but that's not enough to endear him to fans. As one Twitter user pointed out, "Bennett looks like the evil fiancé the main character of a Hallmark Christmas movie is trying to break up with."

Clare seemed willing to give him a shot, though, as she gave him a rose during the first rose ceremony.

Bennett Jordan claims to be the 'total package'

Bennett is definitely not going to be every Bachelorette viewer's cup of tea. "Bennett says he is the total package," reads his ABC bio. "Handsome? Check. Great job? Check. Mature and ready to find his wife? Check! So why is he single, you may be wondering? According to Bennett, he hasn't always been 'this successful and good looking.' Bennett grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended Harvard where he says he finally grew into himself. Now, Bennett works as a financial planner in New York City where his life has become everything young Bennett ever wanted. He enjoys taking morning yoga classes, walking the High Line in his favorite Belgian loafers and indulging in delicious meals in the city's best restaurants. According to Bennett, his high school girlfriend is the only girl he's ever had to work for. Since then, it's always been women pursuing him, but now he's ready for a change and is excited to go on the chase for the woman of his dreams."

Is Bennett is cocky or just confident? His Instagram profile doesn't give us a lot of clues, but it does seem like he's close with his mom who, as he revealed in one post, is a fan of the show Empire. It also looks like he's good with kids, and can be seen in another post holding his godchild.

A theory started floating around in September that Bennett makes it to the end of Tayshia's presumed Bachelorette season(via Cosmopolitan). If the theory is correct, we'll have plenty of time to get to know Bennett better.