The Reason Lemonade Is Great To Drink When You're Pregnant

Staying hydrated while pregnant is essential, and while it might be a bummer to have to avoid some of your favorite beverages while your little bun is in the oven (nine months without a mimosa!), some of your favorite and most-refreshing drinks are still on the menu. And lemonade, a summer staple of your childhood, may actually have more benefits for you and your growing child than you think.

First, if you suffer from morning sickness, lemon may be the best friend you haven't met yet. The American Pregnancy Association (APA) says that even just "sniffing" lemons can "help ease the feeling of nausea" you may experience during the earlier parts of your pregnancy, and sipping lemonade or lemonade-infused water when nauseated may help keep you hydrated while calming the tummy tumult. Adding a bit of ginger or ginger ale to the mix may boost the nausea-reducing benefits even more.

How to make sure you're making and enjoying lemonade safely

While some experts warn pregnant women away from fresh squeezed fruit juices due to the possibility of harmful bacteria getting into the juice form the skin of the fruit or from the juice not being pasteurized, there are a few ways to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of lemonade or lemon water safely (via While thoroughly washing the lemons before cutting and squeezing them may reduce the risk, you can further ensure the drink's safety by boiling the lemon water thoroughly and then letting it cool before drinking (via APA). This is like a home-pasteurization process.

You can also buy store-bought, pasteurized lemonade, but experts suggest making sure you aren't choosing a brand super high in sugar (or watering it down if you do). It's also important to read the ingredients to ensure that you are buying lemonade made from actual lemons, as artificial lemon flavoring won't be doing you any favors.