Charlie From The Santa Clause Is A Total Hunk Now

Charlie Calvin is the beating heart of Disney's beloved kids' movie, The Santa Clause. As a young boy watching his father (played by Tim Allen) turn into Father Christmas himself, actor Eric Lloyd imbued the character with sweetness, wisdom beyond his years, and an innate sensibility about the difference between right and wrong. Lloyd elegantly handled the emotional moments and rose to the occasion for the big comedic beats, too, matching Allen's star power in spite of the fact he was a virtual unknown at the time.

It's been over two decades since the film was released, so Charlie is, obviously, all grown up by now. He actually had a recurring role in TV show Laurie Hill prior to landing The Santa Clause, as well as a bit part in The Wonder Years, but since his breakout, the actor has diversified, working on and off but also stretching his creative muscles elsewhere. He reprised his most famous role in two Santa Clause sequels, as well as the Disney+ series The Santa Clauses, and enjoyed a recurring spot on TV's Jesse. No matter what happens, though, the specter of Father Christmas continues to loom large.

Eric Lloyd always knew the truth about Santa Clause

In a 2015 Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, hilariously entitled, "I watched Tim Allen kill Santa Clause in The Santa Clause," Lloyd opened up about how starring in the hit movie challenged his belief in Father Christmas. He recalled how Santa was helicoptered in for the glitzy Hollywood premiere, and Lloyd told his mother en route that he would know whether it was the real Santa because he'd originally asked for a certain toy but now wanted a kitten.

"So when we got to the premiere, my dad took me and my sister down the red carpet, and my mom ran to the first PA she could find, with a walkie, and said 'You gotta radio the helicopter and tell Santa he wants a kitten!'" the actor recalled. Santa later came over and told Lloyd the kitten would be sorted out for him, "And my mom said my face — my eyes went so wide-eyed. And I believed that was the REAL Santa for the next 5-6 years." Lloyd acknowledged, "My mom was really good about keeping all those holiday things alive."

Charlie's teeth in The Santa Clause weren't real

Filming The Santa Clause was great fun for Lloyd, who was eight years old at the time, but it wasn't without issues. As the actor confessed to ABC News in 2017, he knocked his two front teeth out midway through filming, leading to significant changes in the schedule. As Lloyd recalled, "The montage sequence where they're getting [Scott Calvin] ready for his first Christmas, there's a scene where we're dancing down the hallway. That scene had to get pushed up in production because I had knocked my teeth out the night before."

As the actor explained, his teeth were falling out by themselves anyway, "so my bottom two teeth throughout the whole film are all fake teeth, because my bottom two teeth fell out naturally at the beginning of the film." His orthodontist made fake teeth, or "flippers," that Lloyd would "pop in on a wire." As a result, the cute childhood pics most of us have with missing teeth don't exist for the Santa Clause star because he always had fake teeth for roles.

Acting is secondary to Eric Lloyd these days

Although he still acts, with his latest role, at the time of this writing, being in the 2018 movie The Onyx of Wall Street, Lloyd pivoted his focus to music. He started a band called Radiomason, in which he plays guitar and sings lead vocals. In college, Lloyd studied Film Production and even founded a production company, Lloyd Production Studios, after graduating. During his Reddit AMA, Lloyd explained he hasn't retired from acting, however, he explained, "I'm not actively trying to go out and audition on roles."

Lloyd elaborated, "I still do acting for different friend's projects if they need it. I do sound and other jobs on-sets all the time, and when I'm on there, they'll put me in something that happens." For example, Lloyd appeared in Chromeskull 2: Laid to Rest because, "They couldn't find someone for the role, and I was still SAG, so they were able to use me." As he reasoned, "I'd love to act again and do something but I think I'm gonna make my own way in, starting through the music [and] my studio and things like that, putting myself into that."

Charlie from The Santa Clause is all grown up

Judging by his Instagram page, which is reasonably populated but not over-stuffed the way some of his contemporaries' are, Lloyd's focus is firmly on music these days. Elite Daily noted that he's married to Lisa Marie Tasker, and he still has the snow globe from the movie that made his name, too. Looking back on The Santa Clause with ABC Newsin 2015, Lloyd admitted, "I didn't necessarily think it was going to be as big as it was." Lloyd added, "I got a renewed sense of pride in it when I saw the 20-year reunion video."

The actor-turned-musician acknowledged a movie like The Santa Clause probably couldn't be made nowadays, thanks to the adult themes of divorce and Allen's character clearly being a deadbeat dad, not to mention the humor. As Lloyd sees it, reminiscing about the movie, "Makes me think of what a staple it is in the holiday film genre, so I'm definitely happy I was a part of it."