What It Means If You Wear Blue Nail Polish

Your hands can say more about you than you realize. Every time you go out into the world with a set of lacquered nails, you send a message about your personality – whether it's a fiery red that says, "watch out, world!" or miniature pumpkins in October that let people know you love celebrating the seasons. So what does it mean when you wear blue nail polish? You might be surprised.

Painting one's nails is a tradition almost as old as time itself. According to Good Housekeeping, nail polish originated in China around 3,000 BC and was made from ingredients such as beeswax and egg whites. The magazine adds that in ancient Egypt, nail color was connected to social status, with red reserved for the upper-crust types. How Stuff Works reports that societies from the Renaissance to Victorian England were all about the colored talons. In the 1930s, it was even all the rage in England to have mini-landscapes painted on one's nails.

Today, varying shades of blue from deep navy to pale pastel are displayed on every salon shelf. Apart from needing to match a bridesmaid gown or party dress, you might opt to go blue just because the color speaks to you – and there are any number of reasons why it might.

Different nail polish shades have different meanings

According to VeryWellMind, the color blue is often seen as calming and conservative, but it can also be associated with intensity (think of a bright autumn sky) or sincerity (there's a reason we say someone is "true blue.") The shade you choose for your nails might make you feel either peaceful or revved-up depending on the brightness of the shade. 

Since reds and pinks are still the norm for everyday manicures, opting for blue is a bold, attention-getting move. Essie's celeb manicurist Michelle Saunders told Cosmopolitan that people who favor blue are "forward-thinking" folks who aren't afraid to experiment. WomenWorking adds that blue polish wearers also tend to be creative, patient, and sensitive types. Painting your nails blue might indicate to your coworkers that harmony and stability are big for you.

Whatever the reason or shade, blue nails are always a gorgeous fashion choice.