Here's Why Kamala Harris Canceled Her Campaign Travel

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has had a busy week so far. She virtually attended the Senate Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court presumptive judge Amy Coney Barrett, and we can only imagine she was probably anxious to get back on the campaign trail — but something has happened to change her plans. She tweets: "Late last night, I learned a non-staff flight crew member & a member of my team tested positive for COVID. I wasn't in close contact—as defined by the CDC—with either during the 2 days prior to their positive tests. I've had 2 negative tests this week & am not showing symptoms."

She continues: "Both the crew member and the staff member were wearing N95 masks at all points they were near me, and our doctors believe that we were not exposed under CDC guidelines. Out of an abundance of caution, I will cancel travel through Sunday and continue to campaign virtually." Harris ends with a promise: "I will be transparent with you about any test results that I do receive. In the meantime, remember: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands regularly. It is possible to stop the spread."

Supporters thanked Kamala Harris for her transparency

USA Today says the two who tested positive were a flight crew member who doesn't work for the campaign, and Harris communications director Liz Allen. Supporters took to Twitter to convey different messages to the senator. Several Twitter users thanked her for her transparency and sent their well wishes, including one who said: "Thank you for being what Trump will never be. A true leader and an honorable person. Best wishes to you and your staff and the affected personnel. I was absolutely thrilled to vote early for Joe and you last week." Another supporter tweeted: "Stay healthy, we *need* you! And thank you for treating this as a serious matter, and taking care of the health and safety of your staff and the electorate. I think it shows a real hint of what your leadership will bring – a much needed return to sanity and compassion."

The democratic space that is Twitter allowed detractors to weigh in too, which they did. One replied: "You are running on the fact you guys can stop C19 and obvs you can't! Did you meet cdc guidelines when you crammed in with several people in an elevator? I sure dislike Trump but you aren't making me uncertain if you're the right choice. Wish there was a third option."