Why You Should Be Using A Castor Oil Pack To Reduce Stress

A holistic doctor's best friend, castor oil packs are said to reduce inflammation, aid in circulation, and promote healing of various organs in the abdominal region, as noted by VeryWell Health. The oil extracted from the castor bean is even said to have benefits for your hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. After speaking to a medical practitioner, you can use castor oil as a topical treatment to help you relax as well.

Often used as part of a natural liver detox, castor oil packs aid in improving digestion and detoxing heavy metals and toxins out of the liver. You can start by purchasing a high-quality castor oil and flannel fabric if you want to make your own DIY version, or you can buy a pre-made castor oil pack. Depending on what feels right for you, castor oil packs can involve using heat or letting them sit at room temperature. 

By placing the pack on your stomach, your skin can absorb the oil's "anti-inflammatory" and "analgesic properties" more readily (via Healthline). If you're suffering from conditions such as arthritis, immune suppression, or constipation, using a castor oil pack can make a big difference.

Castor oil packs can help alleviate symptoms of chronic stress

Since stress can impact nearly every function in the body, using a castor oil pack to reduce symptoms such as inflammation, digestive issues, and abdominal pain helps the body recover. Plus, while you have your castor oil pack on your abdomen, many naturopaths recommend just taking time to slow down. These 30 minutes make space for deep breathing, resting, and relaxing — not overexerting yourself. 

The way you breathe also makes a massive difference in the way that you feel, and you can even use a castor oil pack to detox the lungs. Aiding in "drawing toxins out of the body," placing the pack on your chest alleviates feelings of heaviness and congestion throughout your upper body (via Lung Health Institute). If you are struggling with congestion, you can also use castor oil topically to help break up pockets of toxins.

If you're looking for a science-backed, natural self-care routine, try adding a castor oil pack to your medicine cabinet. Even making time to just rest and restore can benefit your mental and physical health.