What You Didn't Know About Jennifer Lopez's Successful Sister

Jennifer Lopez might be at the height of celebrity stardom; she's an A-list actress and grammy nominated singer, who was also once engaged to baseball great Alex Rodriguez. But the Hustlers star is not the only successful Lopez sister in her family. Little sister Lynda Lopez spends even more time in front of the camera than her sister as a much sought after broadcast journalist on both TV and radio, and there's no denying she's got an impressive resume of her own (via O: The Oprah Magazine).

New York city natives easily recognize the youngest Lopez sister for her stints as co-anchor on Good Day New York, Fox 5 Live, and as the current voice of the midday news anchor on WCBS 880AM. But what many people don't know is that after Lynda got her start as a VH1 VJ, she won an Emmy, released a book about U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and served as J.Lo's personal assistant on the set of Hustlers (via Hola! and Radio.com). Not enough?  She's even got a few acting roles under her belt, as well!

Jennifer Lopez and Lynda Lopez have a close relationship

Raised in the Bronx by immigrant parents Guadalupe and David, Jennifer and Lynda Lopez were the youngest of three girls. The eldest, Leslie, is a music teacher who prefers to stay out of the limelight unlike the younger Lopez girls (via O Magazine). Back when she was just Jenny from the Block, Jennifer had dreams of being a dancer and musician. Lynda had her eye on the spotlight, as well, but not as an entertainer, as a journalist. Through the years, the youngest Lopez sister made her way up the ranks at local TV and radio stations to eventually earn an Emmy Award for her work on WB 11 Morning News.

But through all their successes the youngest Lopez sisters, only a year and a half apart, have remained more than close — they are best friends. In an interview with HuffPost Live, J.Lo explained, "We've always been close. ... I don't know, we've just always kind of been best friends in that way." And even through her older sister's rise to superstardom, Lynda has taken it all in stride. She explained her sister's fame in an interview with Oprah, saying, "I don't why it makes me laugh, I'm like 'All these people are here to see my goofball sister.' It's the only thought that goes through your head. It's like, I can't believe these are people that are here to see, Jen, my goofy sister who ran around in her underwear in our house when we were little."