Caroline Giuliani Turns Heads With Comments About Her Father In Latest Interview

Caroline Giuliani says she hasn't spoken to her father Rudy since she published an article in Vanity Fair, calling on readers to disregard her father's client President Donald Trump, in favor of his opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris. In an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to coincide with the article's release, Caroline has raised her concern over her father's behavior, but not for the reasons that we might think. 

"I mean, I've certainly been concerned about his public behavior, not for those reasons, per se," she notes (via The Daily Beast). "But just because he's involved in this whole group of people doing these things. So, I think it's less about him specifically and more about this mob mentality that has been created and that he's feeding, unfortunately." 

Caroline tells Maddow that she believes the President occupies an echo chamber which has only served to feed his ego, and she offered the opinion, "If you look at Trump's egomania and compare it to now, it's gotten exponentially worse, and it's because of the echo chamber of lies."

Caroline: 'Corruption starts with yes men and women'

Caroline Giuliani explores this idea in an in-depth manner in her Vanity Fair piece, saying, "Trump and his enablers have used his presidency to stoke the injustice that already permeated our society, taking it to dramatically new, Bond-villain heights."

She continues: "If being the daughter of a polarizing mayor who became the president's personal bulldog has taught me anything, it is that corruption starts with 'yes-men' and women, the cronies who create an echo chamber of lies and subservience to maintain their proximity to power. We've seen this ad nauseam with Trump and his cadre of high-level sycophants (the ones who weren't convicted, anyway)."

Her piece, which she admits she thought just maybe could be the other October surprise, warns those that plan to sit out the election. "We are hanging by a single, slipping finger on a cliff's edge, and the fall will be fatal," she wrote. "If we remove ourselves from the fight, our country will be in freefall. Alternatively, we can hang on, elect a compassionate and decent president, and claw our way back onto the ledge."