The Truth About TLC's I Love A Mama's Boy

Love usually can conquer all things, but in the case of TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy, when it comes to overbearing mothers, sometimes it's a struggle. For the four couples featured in this offbeat reality show with a codependent twist, romantic unions constantly face adversity from one common factor: a meddling mother. The real question is can these men truly enjoy happily-ever-afters with both their significant others and mothers? Or will they have to choose between the two women competing for their heart?

The drama from the mamas is sure to have audiences both cringing and laughing as they cross the line in their sons' personal lives time and time again. Nothing seems to be off limits for the mother-son duos, and we are here to see it all unravel on screen. In a press release, TLC's president Howard Lee had this to say about the love fest between these exceptionally loyal sons and their mommies dearest: "From outrageous family dynamics and culture clashes to jaw-dropping mother-son rituals, we know viewers will go crazy for this fresh new love and relationship series."

Here is the untold truth behind the mother-son tag teams whose unusually close relationships are turning heads and breaking hearts. 

TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy may remind you of this show

I Love a Mama's Boy is eerily similar to another TLC creation, Smothered, which delves into the relationships of mothers and daughters who are uncomfortably close. The highly rated reality show, which is still considered one of the worst shows on TLC, highlights the pairs' bonding over everything from taking showers to breastfeeding in tandem. Throughout its seasons, viewers are introduced to pairs like Sandra and Mariah, who got breast implants together, and Sunhe and Angelica, who share the same bathwater. When asked about the ritual — which is unusual in the United States, though typical in other countries like Korea — Angelica told Monsters & Critics, "It's our bonding time and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon."

Just like with the mama's boys, the mama's girls' relationships with their significant others are negatively impacted. When star Cher had her first child, her mother, Dawn, moved in, which ended badly. "When they asked me to leave, I was unsure why," Dawn told Monsters & Critics. Another couple that has dealt with the repercussions of their prying matriarch is Cristina and Carlo, who live five houses away from her mother, Kathy. This poses a problem in their marriage because of Kathy's meddling, which includes ambushing her son-in-law and telling him to move into her home. We imagine TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy might feature similar antics.

Only one of the four couples on I Love a Mama's Boy is engaged

Out of the four couples on TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy, the only engaged pair is Justina and Jason. As seen in the show, their plans to tie the knot have been hindered by Jason's mother, Annette. In an interview on Tamron Hall, the trio discussed the couple's impending nuptials and their differing opinions for the big day. "I just want to make sure that my son gets a fair say in the wedding planning," Annette said. She went on to say that her son should have an over-the-top wedding in Vegas and shouldn't have to cave to what Justina wants. In fact, she tried to convince her son to take her tuxedo shopping and leave Justina out. 

Having been together for six years, Jason and Justina, who now know exactly what it's like to be on a TLC show, are parents to a daughter, who was 2 years old at the time of filming. As to be expected, Annette has apparently constantly tried to intervene in how she's raised, with Jason having to put his foot down on the level of her involvement. "That has definitely become a strain in our relationship," Jason told host Tamron Hall. Annette said that not being able to be the grandmother she wants to be hurts her feelings.

As seen on TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy, Jason's mom reportedly uses a tracking device on him

In what can be considered the ultimate act of intrusion, Jason's mom, Annette, reportedly employs the use of a tracking device to track her son. So how does his fiancé feel about the fact that her future husband's every move is monitored? The bride-to-be has seemingly come to terms with the overt breach of privacy. "She's gonna do it regardless if I like it or not," Justina said in an interview on Tamron Hall.

Jason, who was 28 at the time, added, "My mom has a lot of involvement in my life." Talk about an understatement! He went on to say that he goes to the doting matriarch for everyday life decisions and highly values her opinions. When host Tamron Hall asked if, other than raising their child, there are any lines his mom cannot cross when it comes to his life, he answered, "Not really. You know, we're all open books here." I Love a Mama's Boy viewers will just have to wait and see if Jason's unwavering reverence towards his mother will cause his fiancé to close the book on their relationship.

Shekeb's mom blatantly disapproves of his girlfriend on TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy

At the time TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy started filming, Shekeb and Emily have been dating for two years, and the time had come for them to embark on the next chapter in their love story. At this point, Emily would like her boyfriend to move out of his parents' home, but that is not happening because of his mother, Laila. In an interview with Right This Minute, Shekeb confessed that it's difficult to make time for the two women in his life. "There's certain days I hang out with Emily and certain days I hang out with my mom," he explained. 

When asked what she thinks of her son's girlfriend, Laila did not hold back. In fact, she said, right in front of Emily, "She's not the type of girl that I want my son to marry." In a press release promoting I Love a Mama's Boy, TLC noted that there are "religious and cultural differences" that Laila cannot overlook. That may be the reason that she tried to set her son up with another woman, as seen in the show's teaser. "I know women especially are going to call me crazy for dealing with this man," Emily told Right This Minute. "I'm scared for all the judgement that I'm going to get."

I Love a Mama's Boy star Matt goes lingerie shopping with his mom

Matt and Kim met on a dating app, and, when TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy started filming, they had been dating for three years. They cohabitate with his mother, Kelly, much to the detriment of their sex life. "I feel like I'm dating Matt and his mom," Kim lamented in the show's trailer. To heat things up in the bedroom, Matt goes shopping for lingerie for his girlfriend... and brings his mother along. In an interview with Tamron Hall, she asked if anything is off limits, to which Matt said, "I don't think there's anything ever been off limits with us, no."

In a clip from the show, the mother-son duo are seen at the store, with Matt holding up sexy lingerie and his mother replying, "That's certainly spicy!" It should come as no surprise that they have been mistaken for a couple in public before. "Remember one time they did think we were a couple when we were shopping in Italy?" Kelly said on Tamron Hall. Kelly and Matt did not seem to find the fact that people think they are involved romantically awkward in the least bit. In fact, they "laughed it off." 

I Love a Mama's Boy's Stephanie knows she can't get engaged without the approval of Mike's mother

The trailer for TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy opens with Stephanie saying, "Everything about our relationship is perfect, except for one thing: his mom." Mike expressed this frustration to his mother, Liz, voicing the fact that he feels like he is being torn in two directions. Liz replied, deadpan, that it is an actual "competition" when it comes to her and her son's partner. 

Mike's ever-patient girlfriend knows that in order to take her relationship to the next level, she needs a seal of approval from mommy dearest. "His mom has to like me before we get engaged because she is gonna make the final call," Stephanie said in the show's trailer. However, only time will tell whether or not Liz will give the lovebirds her blessing, and it's not looking too promising. In one scene, Liz said, through tears, "You really need to take my son from me?"

Understandably, Stephanie has reservations about a future with Mike. She confessed her concerns about his commitment to his mom in the teaser, saying, "If he's not gonna put me first, then I'm not really sure where we're gonna go from here."