What Carrie Underwood Really Looks Like Underneath The Makeup

We are so accustomed to seeing celebrities with a full face of makeup on, it can be shocking to come across a photo of one of them sporting an all natural look. This is so not the case with country superstar Carrie Underwood. The 37-year-old looks pretty much as beautiful without foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick on as she does when she is completely made up for a performance or TV appearance.

Case in point: The former American Idol winner frequently posts makeup-free selfies to her Instagram, typically when she is about to begin working out, or after a tough sweat session. The fresh faced look Underwood seems to possess so effortlessly makes us wonder why she bothers with makeup at all!

Of course, fans will recall that the mom of two suffered a serious facial injury when she fell down the icy stairs of her home in 2017 — it required over 40 stitches, and left the gorgeous star feeling self-conscious about her appearance.

How Carrie Underwood overcame her inhibitions about her face

According to Insider, Underwood stayed in hiding for a few months after her accident. But when she reemerged, she worried fans would think she had gotten elective plastic surgery — that is how different she appeared after receiving close to 50 stitches above her lip. It's worth noting that according to many, the star didn't really look different after the accident (via Cheat Sheet). What matters is that Underwood felt she did, and it took some time for her to feel more like herself.

Given her journey, it is even more impressive that the "Cry Pretty" singer has gotten to a place where she can share selfies without having to be professionally made up. Because while we see a perfect peaches and cream complexion and no need for even a lick of lip gloss, it must be said that we are all our own worst critics. Clearly whatever Underwood had to go through to get here was worth it. Her confidence is an inspiration to all.