Tori Roloff Wants To Shut Down All Those Rumors

Rumors have been swirling that Tori Roloff is pregnant. Tori already has two beautiful children with her husband, Zach Roloff. If the rumors are true, it would mean that Tori is expecting again less than a year after giving birth to her new baby, Lilah. Is Tori really expecting a new bundle of joy?


Tori isn't playing coy. The Little People, Big World star recently shot down the rumors on her Instagram Story. "I'm not pregnant," she said (via The Hollywood Gossip). "The Internet is reaching today. Don't believe all the garbage you read on the Internet. Must be a slow news day. Or I need to work out more."

While the internet doesn't really need much fuel to get a rumor going, this one was based on very little. The Hollywood Gossip noted that the speculation started after Tori was seen in recent Instagram photos with either a pumpkin or a child in front of her, leading some to think that she was covering up a baby bump.

Tori Roloff wants another baby, but not yet

While she isn't expecting a third child yet, Tori and Zach do want to grow their family someday. "Originally I was like, 'Two kids is my max,' " she told People in April. "But I can definitely see us having more." Zach added, "I could do three or four!"


At the time, though, they were still adjusting to being parents of two, learning how to manage raising a toddler and an infant. "It's definitely different with two kids," Zach said. Zach also said that it was "probably a little early for Tori to be thinking about" having more kids yet.

While the couple admitted that raising two young children is quite the challenge, they said that they are thriving in parenthood and love raising their children. "Zach and I always say that we were built for this family life," said Tori.