What Happened To Nikki Webster From My 600-Lb Life?

Fans of My 600-lb Life know how heart-wrenching the struggles of the reality show's cast members can be. Guided by Dr. Nowzaradan, a.k.a. Dr. Now, on their quest for health, the road to recovery and weight loss is a long one fraught with relapses, and emotional turmoil that can leave viewers unsure of the patients' successes even after following a year of their treatment. Every once in a while, an episode's participant enters the program with such a positive outlook and sunny disposition that fans gain renewed faith in the process, and Nikki Webster, from the fourth season of the reality show, is just that person.

Weighing nearly 650 pounds and banned from seeing her nieces and nephews in case her weight "distressed" them, Webster was desperate for help from Dr. Now. At the time she explained, "My weight is debilitating. My body is so painful, I hate it. But I say this to myself. Food is an addiction to me and my addiction is killing me" (via InTouch). By the end of her episode, the Little Rock, Arkansas native had not only met the requirements to enter the rigorous weight-loss program, but she received gastric bypass surgery and was down over 200 pounds (via Daily Mail). But there was still a long road ahead.

After 2 years of hard work Nikki Webster reached her goal weight

Two years after her episode aired, Nikki Webster returned to My 600-lb Life in 2017 for a Where are They Now episode. Although she continued to lose weight and regain an active lifestyle, the excess skin from such dramatic weight-loss was becoming a hindrance. Fearful of going under the knife again, Webster put her faith in Dr. Now who was able to remove the bulk of the excess skin in her abdomen resulting in a total of 450 pounds lost since the start of her journey (via Daily Mail).

On reaching 194 pounds she revealed to People, "It's hard to imagine now how I used to live. It's just become so vastly different." She went on to describe her new normal in dealing with the stresses of life, explaining, I've had to learn new coping mechanisms. I've had to deal with things that I just could not deal with. I would deal with those things by eating. Now I've just learned to deal with them in healthier ways."

Through therapy, drastic lifestyle changes and new coping mechanisms, Nikki Webster became a triumphant success story. Reflecting on her experience in her update episode after putting on jeans for the first time in over ten years, she tearfully yet excitedly revealed, "to be able to start to resemble what I felt like on the inside, it's extremely powerful. That confidence is something to fight for. I'm excited to wake up everyday and put on new clothes (via YouTube)."

Nikki Webster is thriving with a loving husband and family by her side

Fans who follow Nikki Webster on social media were excited to find out that the guy she went on a date with, Marc, from her Where Are They Now episode, not only became a constant in her life, but soon after her update episode aired, proposed, and the two were married after an 8 month whirlwind romance. In an adorable Instagram post from 2018, Webster, who goes by Nikki Gray now, wrote, "[We are] ridiculously and blissfully in love and happy with married life."

And although she continues to have good days and bad days, the 38-year old is undeniably joyful in her marriage and with her new lease on life. In a Facebook post from March she reflected, "I'm thankful for those people that support and love me unconditionally‚ÄĒthat have loved me at 650 lbs..at 200 lbs..and everything in between. Those ppl that have been patient with me as I learn what life is and what it's all about."