What You Didn't Know About Kaley Cuoco's YouTube Series

It may be difficult to see a headline about Kaley Cuoco and not immediately think of lovable Penny. The actress shot to stardom by playing Penny Hofstader on the mega successful television series, The Big Bang Theory, for 12 heartwarmingly nerdy seasons. With the last episode written, filmed, and watched by millions, Cuoco has shown she can move past Penny and still make a living in front of the camera.

Cuoco appears to be in a position in her career now that she can choose projects she's interested in. And her love for the environment appears evident with one of her post Big Bang projects. As of recent, she can be found on YouTube hosting the reality competition web series, The Great Travel Hack. The basis of the competition is two teams traveling across the USA with a mission to use the lowest CO2 emissions as possible. It is not a competition on which team travels faster, but which team can travel cleaner (via YouTube).

As host of the show, Cuoco clearly lays out the belief that backs the show's premise. She states at the very beginning of the first episode, "we can move forward by thinking forward" (via YouTube). Throughout the five episode series, she leads the teams from Los Angeles to New York observing the competitors use different methods of low to zero carbon emission transportation options such as bikes, horses, boats and skateboards.

Kaley Cuoco's new show has mixed reviews

Cuoco believes her efforts to raise awareness on more environmentally friendly traveling options is not enough, but is a step in the right direction. When speaking about the environment and cleaner energy she claims, "you know this is a hot topic right now and it's affecting our world, and you know we're not going to change the world over night but this is a fun little show...and I think it gets the point across" (The Hype Magazine).

Cuoco believes The Great Travel Hack is promoting a greener future, but some reviewers can't get past the company who is a partner in the making of the show, Shell. YouTube reviewer, Alfie Moon, points out the hypocrisy of an oil company promoting cleaner transportation options writing, "Shell making a promo on reducing CO2 emissions is like McDonalds making a promo about reducing obesity" (via YouTube). While the show itself has mixed reviews, we're happy to see our TV darling in a new phase, and can't wait to see what comes next.