Inside Jennifer Aniston's Stunning Home

Chic, cozy, and warm: all words that describe Jennifer Aniston and her Bel Air, Calif. home. In a 2018 Architectural Digest spread, one of our favorite Friends shared the details of her gorgeous abode that she meticulously designed. "If I wasn't an actress, I'd want to be a designer. I love the process," she shared with the outlet. "There's something about picking out fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul."

Aniston reportedly bought the sprawling estate in 2011 for around $22 million, and had a big project on her hands. The mansion was designed by architect A. Quincy Jones in the 1960s and boasted a modernist, cool interior, as noted by Architectural Digest. "Aesthetically, it was the furthest thing from what I wanted, but I immediately had the sense that it could work. It's hard to describe, but I felt a connection," Aniston said of the original design. All of the woodwork, finishes, and decor needed to be cozy — that was an important part of making the home her style. With 8,500 square feet to work with, The Morning Show star had quite the design task ahead of her. 

Jennifer Aniston loves stone, wood and bronze

If her office is any indication, Jennifer Aniston's design style lands somewhere between boss and luxury homebody. The home office features a massive wooden desk with wooden accent chairs and bronze accessories (via Architectural Digest). Stephen Shadley, the designer Aniston worked with, shared that, "Jen is drawn to wood, stone, and bronze, materials that have real substance and depth. No matter how beautiful or glamorous something is, it has to be warm and inviting."

The four-bedroom home features massive patios that showcase a panoramic view of Los Angeles and the ocean. In fact, the indoor-outdoor area is perhaps one of the centerpieces of the property with spacious balconies (shown above left), Japanese-inspired rock gardens, and a pool with wood paneling around the sides (via TheTravel). When she was married to actor and writer Justin Theroux, the two would entertain and spend time together in the backyard. "We put out a mean taco bar, and the chili's pretty good in the colder months," Aniston said.

Serving as the venue for her 2015 nuptials to Theroux, Jennifer Aniston's home is more than a space to relax — it's been an irreplaceable part of her life. After weeks in quarantine, the actress likely had some time to add more wood and bronze accents to her space.