The One Ingredient Your Bath Has Been Missing

You're likely familiar with the litany of benefits of coconut oil, the magic elixir that aids in anything from hair to skincare. But, coconut milk may be the missing ingredient that your wellness routine has been waiting for. If quarantine has helped you get reacquainted with your bathtub for some R&R, you may want to consider using nature's moisturizer during your next soak.

You can buy a premade mixture from various wellness outlets, but an old-fashioned, full-fat can of coconut milk does the trick. Taking baths in milk goes back thousands of years, with Cleopatra reigning as one of their most famous benefactors. As noted by Good Housekeeping, milk baths are a soothing, luxurious antidote to common issues like dry skin, inflammation, and other inflammatory conditions.

When you step into the bath, coconut milk's lactic acid aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells while it hydrates. Plus, if you have a rash or sunburn, a milk bath may offer an easy remedy. Michelle Henry, MD, explains to Good Housekeeping, "The proteins and vitamins will help calm inflammation and moisturize."

Coconut milk packs anti-aging benefits

Beyond the incredibly luxurious feel that a coconut milk bath may bring, your skin will thank you in the long run. Packed with lauric acid, coconut milk contains "antimicrobial properties" and skin-enhancing benefits, as explained by Dr. Axe. Furthermore, soaking in this milk may increase the turnover of collagen, making it a powerful anti-aging ingredient. Along with Vitamin A, C, and vital proteins, the nutrients found in coconut milk are what make it perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin (via SheKnows). Plus, when you add honey, the two work together to hydrate and soothe any irritation.

It's worth noting, however, that coconut milk baths may not be for everyone, as Dr. Michelle Henry warns to Good Housekeeping, "If you have extremely sensitive skin or a milk allergy, you may want to skip milk baths." 

But if you're willing to give it a go and are looking to treat yourself to the luxe version of the most relaxing bath ever, try adding Epsom salts and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender usually pairs well with coconut milk and honey. And if you're looking for a metaphysical boost, you can even add crystals like amethyst or rose quartz. Light candles around the side of the tub, èt voila — a bath Cleopatra could be proud of.