New Photos Are Making 90 Day Fiance Fans Think This Couple Got Secretly Married

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way features plenty of couples dealing with major, potentially relationship-ending issues, from competing religious beliefs to just plain long distance. When it comes to Sumit and Jenny, however, everything is increased tenfold because his parents are so against their union. In fact, they'd even arranged a marriage for their son, which has unfortunately resulted in a messy and expensive divorce. Sumit's parents actually claimed on camera they had no idea Jenny was even their son's partner. 

However, the 90 Day Fiancé star told ET that's not accurate, revealing the couple have been together since 2011, and moreover she moved to India to be with Sumit in 2013. Jenny acknowledged, "They have their reasons for not wanting to admit that they knew we were in a relationship. They have their reasons and I can't say what the reasons are, but I know what they are." She promised never to keep them apart, noting, "It's unfortunate that I can't be part of the family, but it is just the way it is." Now, though, it seems the happy couple has made it official regardless of Sumit's parents' feelings on the matter.

Sumit may have confirmed what fans wanted all along

Judging by a new Instagram post, in which Sumit appears to be wearing a wedding band, he and Jenny may have already tied the knot. The subject of marriage came up on a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which found Sumit trying to convince his parents that the 29-year age gap between him and Jenny wasn't that big a deal (via Screenrant). Sumit got increasingly more annoyed by their attitude, finally exploding and pointing out that the last time he got married, it was purely for his parents.

His post, which is a side by side shot of Sumit and Jenny, shows the two enjoying some tea together but it was his newly-minted ring finger that caught the attention of fans. "Does Sumit have a wedding band on? I hope you two got married," wrote one, to which the 90 Day Fiancé star himself responded, "keep it secret." Whether he was joking around or not remains to be seen but regardless the fan reaction was universally ecstatic. The couple's nuptials may even play out later in the season.