The Reason You Should Be Eating Almond Butter

Nut butter consumption has gone through the roof over the last decade with the classic peanut, cashew, and even pistachio varieties. However, one has stood out as a healthy favorite. Vegans and vegetarians know almond butter as a valuable source of protein, fats, and minerals, as noted by VeryWell Fit, but it isn't just for a meat-free diet. 

Loaded with calcium, potassium, and magnesium, almond butter brings a flavorful addition to your toast, smoothies, baked goods, and more. Plus, compared to peanut butter, this spread offers a higher level of monounsaturated fat with less saturated fat. When consumed in excess, saturated fat can cause heightened levels of cholesterol (via Healthline). Almond butter contains more of the good fat and less of the bad fat, essentially. 

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, this type of nut butter may just have you feeling good in no time. Vitamin E, a valuable antioxidant, can help protect your cells from damage and degenerative disease, per Healthline. Almond butter contains tons of Vitamin E, nearly three times as much as its popular counterpart, peanut butter.

Almond butter is for more than just breakfast

While you may associate almond butter with your favorite toast topping, you can also use it in various recipes for a protein-packed addition. With loads of fiber, you can count on almond butter to give you a satisfying, healthy ingredient to any meal (via Healthline). Furthermore, in its natural form, nut butter doesn't contain many sugars, salts, and processed oils. Just make sure that whichever brand you buy doesn't have any added sugar or oils — as noted by Time, look for a low-ingredient nutrition label.

For a snack, dunk your carrot sticks in the jar for a filling boost that can help power you through your day. You can also use almond butter in baking recipes like cookies and bars to add a proteinous supplement. Or add a teaspoon of this nut butter to smoothies to make a hearty version of your favorite blend. 

There's a reason why almond butter flies off the shelves — it's delicious and chock-full of nutrients that the body needs. Get creative and add it to staples in your diet!