Here's How Much The Dream Home Makeover Stars Are Really Worth

Everyone is talking about the binge worthy Netflix home makeover show aptly titled Dream Home Makeover. Its stars, married couple Shea and Syd McGee, hail from Texas and California respectively, and now reside in Utah where they rehab rooms and full homes in enviable fashion. From filling rooms with plaid rugs, to comfy sectionals, to throw pillows that would make anyone feel at home, the McGees' design services are well worth the price. 

Home makeovers aren't the only revenue stream for the parents of two, who also own a brick and mortar shop near Los Angeles, and enjoy a substantial social media following of 1.6 million strong on Instagram. The interior designer, and PR professional respectively, own the firm Studio McGee, launched in 2014, and based out of Salt Lake (via The Cinemaholic). Soon thereafter, the duo launched an e-commerce business, McGee & Co. — with the two businesses combined, the McGees count 100 people in their employ.

The McGees' business is only growing

Shea and Syd McGee own a huge Utah home that they designed themselves — fans can watch the family move into the gorgeous property on the show. It's worth noting the family rented for years as they grew their business, but seem to feel the wait to live in their own dream home was well worth it. Meanwhile, the couple is working on several new projects in addition to their successful Netflix show, which has already earned a second season (via The Cinemaholic). Soon, fans can purchase a book about the McGees called Make Life Beautiful, and according to The Tab, we can also pick up their line of branded products at Target.

All told the McGees are doing rather well, considering their business began in a spare bedroom over a decade ago. TheDream Home Makeover stars are worth $5 million, and we are willing to bet that number is only going to increase in the coming years.