What Happened To Joey From 10 Things I Hate About You?

Whatever happened to Joey from "10 Things I Hate About You?" Joey was the super-hot bad boy who vied for Bianca's affections in the iconic teen film, the irresistible himbo whose love was considerably less pure than the adorable Cameron's. Of course, actor Andrew Keegan, who memorably portrayed Joey in the beloved movie, was hardly an unknown when the hip Shakespearean adaptation came along. 

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" fans will remember he popped up in the hit show during its very first season, as the sweet but nerdy Magic Joel. Elsewhere, Keegan also appeared in "Baywatch," "Full House," "Boy Meets World," "Party of Five," "7th Heaven," and plenty more. His post-"10 Things" years, however, have been different, to say the least. 

Keegan still acts, with his most recent roles at the time of writing being in the TV show "Trinkets" and the movie "Adverse," while the actor was also cast in the social justice thriller "High Tide," which is currently in post-production. Keegan still does press and red carpets fairly regularly, too. However, for a long time, his attention was mostly focused...elsewhere. 

Andrew Keegan reinvented himself as a spiritual leader

Back in 2015, Andrew Keegan made headlines thanks to a genuinely bizarre interview with Vulture. In the chat, he discussed his new calling in life as a "spiritual torchbearer" and the founder of the "community spiritual center" Full Circle, located in Venice Beach, CA. Calling the organization a cult, as many did at the time, may have been slightly harsh. However, Keegan didn't help himself with earnest references to how he planted a rose quartz crystal in the ground, covered it in dirt, and manifested Full Circle. 

He also claimed that being a teen heartthrob wasn't fulfilling (the fact the work started to dry up might have had something to do with it, too). The interviewer then joined Keegan at a meeting, where he preached to a group of predominantly young, beautiful women, telling them "I'm here to activate high vibes," whatever that means. At the time, it seemed less like the actor was desperate for attention, and more that he simply needed a new outlet, and was searching for some kind of meaning in life. 

10 Things star Andrew Keegan rediscovered his love of acting

As E! News noted, Andrew Keegan is a father now; he shares a daughter, Aiya Rose, who was born in 2016, with his partner, Arista Ilona. Additionally, Keegan told the publication in a 2020 interview simply, "I'm an adventurous, open-minded, and curious person about spirituality. I think a lot of people are." In relation to his time at Full Circle, Keegan reminisced, "We had so many wonderful spirited gatherings for three years in that space in Venice and now we can't even see our family. I feel it was a moment in time."

These days, Keegan is simply grateful to be alive and continues to find a regular spiritual practice very helpful. Keegan also expressed excitement about his role in Netflix's "Trinkets," confirming he does want to act more in the future. "That's the plan ... getting back to work after this COVID thing," he continued. "It is going to be an interesting experience. I'm very much looking forward to it."

Andrew Keegan remains enthusiastic about new opportunities

He may have briefly rebranded himself as a spiritual leader but acting is still Andrew Keegan's first love. While chatting about his role in the crime thriller "Adverse," with OK! magazine, the former teen star extolled the virtues of the constantly evolving entertainment industry — especially because it means more opportunities for him personally. As Keegan recalled, "When I did a show like '7th Heaven,' they shot on film, which was expensive, so you had to do your take and nail it. If you needed more than a few takes, the producers would get annoyed." 

Digital, conversely, is "not the same kind of pressure and allows for more creativity." Likewise, the influx of streaming services means more projects are being greenlit across the board. As the "10 Things I Hate About You" bad boy sees it, "I'm excited that there's more programming and opportunity for work. It's a more diverse industry, finally." As for whether he'd consider doing a reboot of any of his previous movies, Keegan pointed to Greg Berlanti's gay cult classic "The Broken Hearts Club."

The cast included the likes of "Scrubs" breakout Zach Braff, LGTBQ+ icon Billy Porter, and Timothy Olyphant so Keegan would be thrilled to reunite with them in particular. The actor is also eager to spearhead more projects, after forming his own production company. Meanwhile, the former child star confirmed once and for all that Full Circle disbanded in 2017, so that chapter is closed.

Andrew Keegan loves being a dad

As cheesy as it might sound, Andrew Keegan's most important job to date is simply being a father. In an interview with Wingman magazine (via Instagram), the actor confirmed it's "the best role I've ever played!" Keegan gushed, "I love being a dad and guiding my beautiful daughter into her full human expression." As for whether he'd support Aiya Rose following in his footsteps someday, Keegan is understandably hesitant, reasoning that Hollywood isn't exactly the safest environment for young actors. 

However, "If she really has a love for the craft and can manage her school work, then I would be supportive." The "7th Heaven" star is adamant that the idea won't come from him, even admitting he's more likely to advise her against it so the little girl can have a proper childhood. Keegan constantly posts sweet photos of himself and Aiya on Instagram, solidifying just how strong their father-daughter bond is. 

And, although the actor would be unsure about her becoming an actor, Aiya is a big fan of his work regardless. In an interview with E! News, Keegan shared that she was bragging to her friends about his role in "Camp Nowhere," proudly telling them, "That's my daddy and he's flushing the guys' head down the toilet."