The Stunning Transformation Of Teen Mom 2's Chelsea

Chelsea DeBoer, who may be better known as Chelsea Houska, is one of MTV's Teen Mom franchise's best-known cast members. She got her start on 16 and Pregnant when she was in high school, as noted by The Sun. Then she later became a full-time cast member of Teen Mom 2, where fans could follow her story of motherhood as a teenager. While on the show, Chelsea, who hails from South Dakota, welcomed her oldest daughter, Aubree, with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. And she has had quite the journey building her growing family and dealing with love and heartache.

Fortunately for Chelsea, she and Aubree finally got the life they deserve with even more beautiful kiddos, a husband who treats her with respect, and a blossoming career. Of course, it hasn't all been easy for the teen mom (who isn't a teen anymore!). Here's the stunning transformation of Teen Mom's Chelsea.

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea has always been especially close with her father

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea DeBoer is perhaps such a good mom because she grew up with loving parents herself. While she said that she's close with both of her parents in her introduction on the show, she has also admitted that she is a self-proclaimed "daddy's girl." Since her parents got divorced when she was young, she grew up living mostly with her dad, Randy Houska, as she said on the show. Chelsea really respects her father's opinion and always has — even though his opinion about her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind didn't always align with her opinion at the time, according to OK! magazine.

"I think growing up he had the best advice for me," Chelsea told Heavy about her dad in an interview. "He gave advice to me that was so helpful and I'm sure it helps a lot of people that were going through similar situations as me."

Chelsea's husband, Cole, also told Heavy how much he loves and appreciates Randy. The couple agreed that fans love Randy, too, largely for his humor.

Chelsea was a star on 16 and Pregnant before Teen Mom 2

Chelsea DeBoer got her start in the Teen Mom franchise on 16 and Pregnant when she was in high school, as noted by E! News. Reality show 16 and Pregnant went on for six seasons, according to MTV, and gave viewers "an intimate look into the lives of teenagers as they navigate adolescence while facing unplanned pregnancies and go from high school students to parents-to-be." While the show got a lot of mixed reviews from viewers who loved it and viewers who thought it shamed or encouraged teen pregnancies, it sure did get a lot of attention.

Chelsea's journey ultimately led her to landing a full-time role as a cast member on the sequel, Teen Mom 2, which first aired in 2011. Teen Mom 2 followed the journey of Chelsea and other teen moms in similar boats as they faced motherhood and navigated their personal relationships. Her story is one to remember, as fans followed her relationships with her daughter, Aubree, and her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, from episode to episode.

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea dropped out of school to care for her daughter

Chelsea DeBoer gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Aubree, when she was a teen. Interestingly, for her, finding out she was pregnant as just a teenager wasn't the worst news in the world. In fact, Chelsea had always wanted to be a mom, as she told Entertainment Tonight, and she was excited to welcome her daughter into the world. "It was either I can be this stereotypical or whatever anyone thinks of a young mom, or I could prove them wrong, you know?" she said. "And even if I didn't have the show like I did, I wanted to go above and beyond and prove people wrong. I've always wanted to be a mom, this is what I always wanted in life."

So, instead of completing her senior year of high school, she decided to drop out of school and care for her daughter full time, according to The Sun. She ultimately obtained her GED. 

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea's relationship with ex Adam made viewers' blood boil

Chelsea DeBoer's relationship with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind (daughter Aubree's father) was far from a healthy one. And anyone who watched Teen Mom 2 would agree! The couple was constantly arguing, and Adam became one of the franchise's most despised dads. Chelsea's father, Randy Houska, had an obvious disdain for Adam, as well. During a reunion episode of Teen Mom 2, therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Adam why he missed Aubree's father-daughter dance at school, as Yahoo! News reported. Randy tweeted saying that Adam had plenty of notice about the school dance. He also tweeted, "Shall we call out the lies as they occur?"

Adam's poor behavior didn't only affect his relationship with Teen Mom 2's Chelsea; it also hurt his relationship with his daughter. Chelsea spent a lot of her time crying over Adam's actions and, perhaps more, his inactions. But she was young and in love; it was likely difficult for her to see how toxic the relationship was. In a reunion episode, Chelsea admitted that "there's no doubt that [Lind's behavior] has to hurt [Aubree], will hurt her, deep down someday," In Touch Weekly reported.

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea tried to make her relationship with Adam work

Chelsea DeBoer tried to make her relationship with her arguably selfish ex-boyfriend Adam Lind work for the sake of their daughter, Aubree, according to Us Weekly. In an episode of Teen Mom 2, the then-couple decided to go cut down their own Christmas tree as a family. They embarked on the outing to make sure that the holidays would be special, and it was clear that Chelsea was really putting in a lot of effort to be a happy, little family. On the trip, she showed a lot of excitement shopping around for Christmas trees and even told Adam to give her a kiss.

Unfortunately for Chelsea and Aubree, however, Adam doesn't seem quite cut out for fatherhood. He regularly missed his visitations with Aubree, and he even missed her first birthday party, according to Entertainment Weekly. He also always treated Chelsea with disrespect. In one text to the teen mom, Adam reportedly wrote, "You fat stretch mark b***h... tell me where and when to sign the rights over for that mistake," as reported by TV Guide.

In 2014, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea became an esthetician

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea DeBoer is a registered esthetician after completing beauty school, according to the mom's LinkedIn. It wasn't an easy road to success, however. According to MTV News, the reality TV star graduated from a beauty school program and took her exams, but the Department of Labor later contacted her to let her know that they were withholding her license for allegedly breaking the department's protocol.

"So I just got this letter in the mail — they're withholding my license because of the wedding I helped you with," she told her friend Landon on the phone during an episode of Teen Mom 2 (via MTV News). The complaint was filed against her for performing aesthetic services for a wedding without a license. "So basically, you can't do it if you're getting paid — which we weren't," she said.

It ultimately worked out in the end, however, and Chelsea is finally an esthetician.

Ultimately, Teen Mom 2's Chelsea took full custody of her daughter

Chelsea DeBoer ultimately took full custody of her daughter Aubree, according to TooFab. Chelsea's ex Adam Lind is only allowed to see Aubree at school events and during supervised visitations. His parents are allowed to see her once a month, but Adam isn't allowed to be present when she sees them.

When Adam's parents confronted Chelsea about the arrangements in an episode of Teen Mom 2, wanting Aubree to spend more time with her father, she put her foot down. "You're not gonna talk to me like that," Chelsea sternly said to Adam's mother, Donna. She added, "The final word of it is I'm not comfortable. I'm not comfortable with it, I guess." 

While there will always be critics who disagree with Teen Mom 2's Chelsea, we can't say we blame her for her decision to keep Aubree safe. Her daughter is clearly her No. 1 priority.

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea met her husband Cole in 2014

In 2014, Teen Mom 2's Chelsea DeBoer met her now-husband, Cole.

"He was across at the other pump. And I looked, and he was staring at me. We didn't even talk. We just kept looking at each other because we're both shy," she told Us Weekly. When she went home, she told her friend that she had just seen the guy she would marry some day, but she was bummed that they didn't talk to each other. Fortunately, as luck would have it, he reached out a few days later after finding her on social media, saying, "Hi. I got gas next to you the other day," and Chelsea thought to herself, "Thank you, Jesus."

Flash-forward two years, and they tied the knot. "Cole brought me to a personal spot in the woods where he had photos [of us] lining the tree," she told MTV News of their engagement in 2015. She also shared that Cole had asked Aubree for permission to marry "her mommy" and posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "He's stuck now!"

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea and Cole started a family of their own in 2017

Chelsea DeBoer and her husband, Cole, started a family of their own when they welcomed their adorable baby boy, Watson Cole, in January 2017, according to People. "Baby DeBoer is expected in February 2017!" Teen Mom 2's Chelsea wrote in a since-removed blog post announcing her pregnancy. "Big sister Aubree is also extremely excited."

Chelsea couldn't have been happier to start a family with Cole. "Honestly, there's just no one that I've met that's so respectful and just nice and I trust him, which is a big deal, because it's hard for me to trust people or guys, mostly," she said to Us Weekly. She added that he's "so sweet" and like an "old-fashioned gentleman type of guy." He's certainly a much-needed change of pace from Chelsea's last relationship. Finally, Chelsea is treated with the respect that she always deserved.

In 2018, Teen Mom 2's Chelsea had her third baby

In 2018, Chelsea DeBoer and her husband, Cole, were expecting another baby, as she announced with an Instagram post. She posted a picture of a sonogram with the caption, "GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!" 

While Teen Mom 2's Chelsea was excited to share the news with her family, friends, and fans, not everyone was thrilled to hear it. Haters will always hate, and Chelsea, unfortunately, has garnered a lot of critics from her time with the Teen Mom franchise. 

"There's always the comments that are like, 'She's pregnant again?!'" she told Entertainment Tonight of the online trolls who leave their two cents on her posts. "I think a lot of people still consider or think of us as being these young or teen moms. ... People just don't realize that we are almost 30, I think, and married, and we're not teenagers anymore."

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea suffered from horrible pain after her third pregnancy

It's no secret that Chelsea DeBoer's motherhood journey has been a complicated one. After all, she was a teen mom. But being a young mother wasn't the only thing Teen Mom 2's Chelsea has had to experience. She also suffered from mastitis during her pregnancy with her second daughter, according to People. According to Mayo Clinic, mastitis is "an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection." That inflammation results in breast pain, swelling of the breasts, warmth, and skin redness. It also sometimes accompanies a fever and chills. For Chelsea, it felt horrible.

The reality TV star tweeted that she was in a lot of pain that she never wanted to experience ever again: "This is the first day that I don't feel like I'm dying since Thursday. I never knew how horrible mastitis was. Aaaand I never want to go through it again."

In 2020, Teen Mom 2's Chelsea announced that she was expecting her fourth baby

In August 2020, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer announced on Instagram that she was expecting her fourth child. "One more DeBoer! Coming early 2021," she wrote on her post. While critics of the reality TV mom always have comments to say about her pregnancies, she told Entertainment Tonight that she tries her best to stay away from the drama.

"I get so overwhelmed with drama that I know to just distance myself and not be a part of it," she said. "I'm like one of those people that if I get too overwhelmed or it's too much, I just cry. I don't wanna cry, so I'm just gonna stay out of it."

Regardless of the trolls, she's happy to have a growing family with her husband, Cole. Cole took on the role of a father before even having children of his own and is ready to adopt Aubree at a moment's notice, according to The Sun.

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea built her own home with her husband

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea DeBoer and her husband, Cole, started building their own farmhouse together from scratch — and they've documented their journey on Instagram, telling followers that they're "bringing [their] farmhouse dreams to life." The reality TV star captioned her an Instagram photo of her family with, "Holy crap — we are so excited for this journey." She admitted she doesn't know much about building houses but has been preparing for it for years by following countless farmhouse Instagram pages. 

Chelsea and Cole first posted a video of the empty lot in January 2020, with a caption that read, "It's gonna be pretty amazing watching the transformation." And amazing it has been! By May 2020, they already had a lot of the house's framework completed, as seen in another photo. Walls started going up, and then windows started going in. By July 2020, it was really "coming together," as they shared on their Instagram page. That September, they started adding touches like their "big farmhouse sink" that they love and a giant kitchen island.

Chelsea seems thrilled with how it's coming together, constantly sharing updates and mentioning the memories she wants to make in the house.

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea is preparing for the day her kids want to watch her show

Chelsea DeBoer told E! News that she is indeed worried for the day that her kids — especially her daughter Aubree — want to watch 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2.

"It's inevitable that they're going to see it someday," she said. "I think Watson is going to be fine because he's seeing fun, family times. I think Aubree is going to be a little more difficult because she's going to see the relationship with her dad [Adam Lind] and she's going to have a lot of questions about our relationship and her relationship with him."

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea said that she has always been open with her daughter, and Aubree knows that she can talk to her mom about anything. And she wants to make sure that their mother-daughter relationship remains that way so that, when the day comes, Aubree "feels comfortable and won't have any surprises."