Celebs React Strongly To Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Confirmation

Hollywood celebrities are up in arms over the speedy confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court Associate Justice. As Robert Reich, former cabinet secretary to Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton points out: "Amy Coney Barrett was nominated by an impeached president who lost the popular vote by 3 million, and was just confirmed by GOP senators representing 11 million fewer Americans than their Democratic colleagues — after Obama's pick couldn't even get a vote. Never forget that."


Before the Senate voted to confirm Barrett, actress Cynthia Nixon told The Hollywood Reporter that she was worried about the impact of Barrett's ascent to the court would mean, saying "As a queer person I am terrified of this new 6-3 conservative court placing other people's so-called religious 'freedom' over our basic civil rights. There is an ugly history in this country of conservative zealots invoking God as a basis for depriving marginalized groups of their rights and their humanity."

"The LGBTQ community has just recently begun to shed its longtime less-than-human status. Quicker than you can say Amy Coney Barrett, we may see these hard-won rights and protections torn from us once again," Nixon said.


Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation was a Hollywood call to arms

But Hollywood appears to be energized by Barrett's ascent, and many celebs are issuing a call to arms to their fans and followers on social media to vote in the upcoming elections as a result. 

Actress Debra Messing tweeted, "THEY ARE GLOATING. Giddy that they pulled off the Heist of the Century. VOTE THEM OUT. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM." Actor Bradley Whitford, who appeared in the successful TV drama The West Wing, said, "It's time to fight back and protect RBG's legacy. Vote for Pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot. Use @VoteChoice's simple Voter Guide to #VOTEPROCHOICE at the local level. And #VoteRuthlessly." Billy Eichner tweeted, "VOTE THEM OUT. AND VOTE IN PERSON IF YOU CAN." Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus repeated a call that has been seen across Twitter in the run-up toward Barrett's confirmation, saying, "6-3 doesn't represent me. Flip states blue, stop the GOP." 


Randy Rainbow, keeping things colorful as always, didn't mince words or even put out a call to arms. He simply tweeted in disbelief, "I'm watching this f***** up episode of The Apprentice and the f****** host is appointing a s*** ton of Supreme Court justices."

Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump, who may not be Hollywood royalty but is as much a celebrity as the stars, went on the offensive on Twitter saying: "Expand the court." She continued, "Our lives are at stake, the quality of our lives is at stake, our humanity is at stake. Thank you @SenDuckworth @morethanmySLE" with a shoutout to Senator Tammy Duckworth who has spoken out against Barrett in regards to her stance on the ACA.