What Home Town Fans Don't Know About Erin And Ben Napier

Those obsessed with watching couples go from demolition to decoration are surely obsessed with Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier– a family taking over HGTV since 2016. Home Town was practically an instant success, giving hope to small town families and sparking genuine entertainment in those watching. Though many fans have followed couples like Chip and Joanna Gaines and Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead during their ups and downs, this family is authentically unique for many reasons. 

There's something humble about the couple that brings in impressive ratings and, even better, more shows to the channel — such as their 2021 spinoff series, Home Town Takeover. "In the six-episode special-event series ... the couple leads a team of renovation pros as they takeover and makeover an entire small town," HGTV explained. 

Taking over an entire town all while maintaining their original audience and taking care of their family at the same time? That kind of chaos is what this family is all about. The Napiers sure are an ambitious crew, but they have more than ambition pushing them forward — they have heart. 

An interview at college started Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier's relationship

Many people dream of meeting their perfect match in high school or college during some hilarious or romantic scene straight from a rom-com. They dream of some ridiculously adorable way they will meet and some memorable story to tell their children and grandchildren. Well, that kind of was how it happened for Ben and Erin Napier. So, how did the Home Town stars meet?

"She was forced to speak to Ben when the campus yearbook told her to interview him for a series on the college's most interesting people. Pen and paper in hand, she found herself asking him his favorite books, movies, pastimes," Atlanta magazine revealed about the Home Town couple's relationship. "He, in turn, asked her on a date." Soon enough, Ben met Erin's parents, he shared his love for her, and they were officially together. 

Some may see the story as corny and unrealistic, but sometimes cliché love stories truly do happen. However, if fans are skeptical, all they need to do is step back and look at the life the Napiers have built. Their story is proof that love at first interview could quite possibly be the next big rom-com trope sweeping the bookshelves.

Erin Napier was "different" than the typical girls Ben had dated

As a college freshman who everyone on campus knows, being attracted to someone slightly different from the norm can be intimidating — even for a big teddy bear like Ben Napier. Even though college is a step up from that awkward, puberty-ridden teenage stage that is high school, it still is a time of transition for most people, so dating someone totally new can lead to nerves.

And though Erin Napier seems to be a very quirky, confident woman we all love on Home Town, she didn't originally fit Ben Napier's type. In an interview with Atlanta magazine, Ben revealed, "Erin was very different from the typical girls I had dated most of my life." He explained, "She had a pixie-style haircut, and she just carried herself differently." And her confidence and striking physical traits were likely only some of the many reasons Ben found, and still finds, Erin to be such a superb partner. Their personalities just coincide in a way that inspires others to be unapologetically themselves.  

Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier never expected fame

While some people seek fame, the Napiers did not. The Home Town stars never expected to end up on a television show that's conquered the HGTV ratings the way it has. But Erin and Ben Napier, on the other hand, were discovered through social media.

"We never expected this," Erin told People of their social media discovery. "Getting a TV show never even crossed our minds." The couple was contacted by an HGTV representative after the exec admitted to "stalking" them on social media in hopes of putting them on TV. Of course, this "stalking" was purely out of interest and excitement, presumably knowing that Ben and Erin's addition to the HGTV family would be a beneficial investment. And it sure has been. 

While social media can sometimes be seen as a hindrance or distraction, in the Napiers' case, it worked out pretty well. "Pretty well" being quite the understatement. 

Erin and Ben Napier were not HGTV fans before starting Home Town

Watching TV shows, specifically HGTV shows, was never a priority for couple Erin and Ben Napier. Obviously, they focused more on strengthening their own relationship rather than observing the relationships of the couples hosting some of HGTV's most well-known shows like Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines. So, when a message from an HGTV representative appeared in their social media messages, they decided to finally tune in.

"I never really watched HGTV before," said Erin in an interview with Realtor.com. "We weren't big TV watchers at all." Though they weren't ones to sit in front of the screen for hours, they were attracted to the idea of their hometown, Laurel, being a focal point. The chance at bringing positive light to their little town was something they couldn't turn away from. "Anything that can draw some positive attention to our town, we're game," Erin shared. Therefore, the title of host of a home renovation show was added to their resume, alongside furniture and stationary business owners. 

Home Town's Erin Napier was bullied as a kid

Erin Napier recalls being bullied "from fourth through seventh grade," due to her odd and introverted personality. She had never been someone interested in shopping for the trendiest clothes or perfecting her makeup, and she wasn't really part of the popular crowd or a clique. Instead, she found herself being, well, herself — leaning toward more unique hobbies other teens weren't really interested in. "Library time was my favorite. I had a fossil collection. I would put together natural history dioramas in old shoeboxes. Or I'd stay home and make a tiger costume — that was really exciting to me," Erin told Southern Living in an interview. 

But kids can be mean. She recalled, "One time, during hide-and-seek, I was it, and they all left me there and went to the house next door."

Now, as a confident woman and mother, she has proven to be someone proud of her diverse hobbies and interests because, well, they've obviously been worth sticking with. Erin is definitely someone teenage girls and young women can look up to as an inspiration to be uniquely yourself without feeling negatively about it.

Home Town star Ben Napier has ministry experience

Many fans wouldn't look at Home Town's Ben Napier and immediately think minister. However, he actually planned to go into ministry as a full-time career before becoming the businessman and television star he is today — and for a short time, he did. With a college degree in history, Ben's knowledge, experience, and passion made him perfect for a career in this field, but he left it behind. "He resigned from his position at Laurel First United Methodist Church in 2014 to devote his time to the family businesses," Country Living reported of Ben's career in ministry work. "The Napiers are still active members of the congregation."

Ben continues to be a vocal part of the religious community in Laurel, Miss. His personality and love for his family prove he would have made a terrific minister. No matter though, he is still a positive, strong role model in his town.

Why Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier were "quiet" during the BLM movement

In 2020, many celebrities took the time to support the Black Lives Matter movement, but Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier didn't really speak up at the time. When they lacked consistent, supportive content regarding BLM, fans began to wonder where they stood. Many reached out to Ben and Erin regarding this matter, and the HGTV stars' silence was seen in a negative light for many. However, Erin has spoken out about this.

"I want you to know that my social media quiet is not a [difference] of opinion, it's just a difference of expression," she wrote on Instagram, in a post addressing this issue. "I think taking a 'bigger' stand lies in the small opportunities we meet every day as we go to the post office or order food in a [restaurant]." So, while she might not be as outspoken about societal issues as some may like, she clearly believes she's working toward a better society.

Home Town's Ben Napier always wakes up at 4:30 a.m. to play this sport

So, what does Home Town's Ben Napier do for fun? What are his hobbies? Though many would assume he is a typical man's man who loves the outdoors, hunting, chopping wood, and knocking down walls, fans may be surprised to hear a few of his interests are not along the lines of the typical woodsman description: basketball being one of them.

"He gets up at 4:30 and plays basketball in the backyard every morning," Erin Napier told Country Living. "I will not complain about it. It's great for his heart — I don't care if it wakes me up."

Obviously, Erin is not an early riser, but, to the surprise of many, Ben is. Not only does Ben force himself awake in the morning while his wife sleeps, but he excitedly brings himself into the backyard for some early morning cardio — something so many can be inspired by.

Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier don't stand for social media trolls

Unlike some celebrities, the Napiers enjoy sharing personal anecdotes and videos from their life on their social media platforms. This not only helps the Home Town stars connect on a deeper level with their fans, but also allows them to be authentic and open. Still, they're not immune to social media trolls.

Addressing the trolls, Erin Napier wrote in an Instagram post, "Instagram is my cozy place. A photo journal of the moments I don't mind sharing because maybe it will make someone feel like there are other people like them in the world, or maybe it will give you courage to be distinctly YOU in a world that values perfection over personal." She went on, "What this isn't: a place for people I don't know to come and air their grievances (this isn't Festivus) or be mean or critical." Clearly, Erin won't tolerate internet bullies, and she'll block them if she has to.

Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier weren't sure they'd be able to have kids

It's always sad when a couple desperately wants to have children and they have a difficult time conceiving. Erin and Ben Napier faced some of these challenges when trying to conceive, as Erin had been experiencing pain that she didn't understand since she was 19. "In the beginning, it would be 24 hours of terrible stomach pain and a low grade fever, and then it would disappear," Erin told People. The magazine noted that "at it's worst, she would be laid up for a week at a time, unable to move without pain and without any idea what was causing it."

The Napiers would learn that the pain was due to Erin's organs being fused together by tissue. Her medical professionals were shocked, and they continued to do exploratory procedures and testing, eventually learning it was due to a perforated appendix. Though the damage caused by the condition was thought to lead to difficulty conceiving, the Napiers' daughter, Helen, was born three years later.

Home Town's Erin and Ben Napier have a pretty significant height difference

It's obvious when one looks at Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier that there is a height difference between the two. Well, an obvious height difference may be a better way to describe it. Fans may already be aware of this (not so) tiny detail, but some may not have been aware of the couple's exact measurements until this moment. It may now be a little bit clearer as to why Ben has the nickname Erin has lovingly given him: Big Ben.

Ben is 6'6" while Erin is only 5'5". "It's no wonder, then, that Erin affectionately (and adorably) refers to her towering husband as "Big," noted Country Living. Not only does the nickname come into play due to his height, but Erin has also said it is "because of the size of his heart." How sweet!

Home Town star Erin Napier has an online journal

When Erin Napier shared her list of hobbies as a young girl, journaling never seemed to be on the list. However, she has admitted to being a fan of libraries and bookish activities, leading fans to understand her apparent journaling hobby. "Every year since January 1, 2010, Erin has counted her blessings in blog form," Country Living wrote about the Home Town star. "The journal, which can be found on the Laurel Mercantile website, features sweet and inspiring stories about all the best things that happen daily in their lives, whether it's a short post about making meatballs or an in-depth look back at the highs and lows of the past 10 years of Erin's life."

With blogs, podcasts, and vlogs still being popular forms of entertainment, Erin jumped on the trend, using her online blog as a way to express emotions, share recipes, and tell stories about her and her little family.

Ben Napier from Home Town is trying to live a healthier life

Dedicated fans may have noticed a change in Big Ben's physical features over the course of the series. During Season 3 of Home Town, Ben Napier continued to look a little thinner and healthier as the season moved forward. Though exercise has been a constant for the family for several years, it wasn't until the birth of his daughter that Ben became serious about weight loss.

"Having Helen made me want to be healthier so I could be around a lot longer and see her grow up and see her whole life," Ben told Country Living. Being that stroke and heart concerns have been active problems in his family, Ben didn't want to walk down a similar path.

"I don't want him to get too skinny," Erin told Country Living. "My favorite thing about him is how I always feel so small and taken care of." Seeing how beautifully the family interacts with each other on screen, Erin shouldn't worry about not being cared for by her Big Ben.

When it comes to Laurel, Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier don't "want to live anywhere else"

It's always humbling to see a family who absolutely adores the small town they live in. It's even sweeter when they don't want to ever leave, creating a true home for their family and relationship to grow. Well, that's the Napiers in a nutshell.

Though Ben and Erin Napier are passionate about bringing more positive energy to small towns, specifically their own, they also want to focus on their own little family and the positivity and comfort they can bring to it. Being in the spotlight was never their dream, but now that it's where they are, they want to do what they can to stay true to the people they always have been. "We never want to live anywhere else," Erin told Parade in regard to their small town life in Laurel, Miss. "We love it here."