Here's Why You Should Be Eating Ginger While Pregnant

Perhaps one of the most well-known trademarks of pregnancy, morning sickness is known to stop many women in their tracks. According to Healthline, nearly 80 percent of women experience symptoms of vomiting and nausea throughout at least one of their trimesters (particularly the first), and many look for homeopathic solutions for this issue. That's where adding ginger to your diet can help. 

Ginger compounds aid in digestion and "stomach emptying," which may alleviate symptoms of nausea that many experience while they're expecting. These components, namely gingerols and shogaols, are what make ginger drinks and foods so appealing to those suffering from intense bouts with indigestion and stomach sickness, as noted by Healthline. In fact, studies found that pregnant women who consumed ginger early on in their pregnancy were "five times more likely" to have improved morning sickness symptoms, the outlet reports. 

It should be noted, however, that while ginger is considered safe for pregnancy in reasonable amounts, some evidence encourages women to avoid drinking it close to labor as it may induce bleeding.

Ginger can also help with cramping during pregnancy

On top of helping to negate stomach issues, adding ginger to your diet during pregnancy can lessen other symptoms like uterine cramping, which many pregnant women experience, as explained by Insider. Furthermore, adding ginger in any of its various forms — tea, powder, or supplement — may also soothe sore muscles, which is another common trademark of pregnancy (via WebMD). 

Not to mention, it also works as an anti-inflammatory agent. Since pregnancy can involve inflamed joints, muscles, and tissues, adding ginger to your diet can be a welcome relief to the pain it can cause. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to offset soreness and pain throughout various parts of the body. If you're looking to keep your blood sugar down throughout your time spent expecting, ginger may help with that purpose, as well. One study even found that ginger aided the body in using insulin more effectively, as shared by WebMD.

While ginger's flavor can be polarizing, its benefits seem universal and may provide a helpful ally throughout the ups and downs of pregnancy.