The Easy Trick To Apply Perfect Eyeliner In Seconds

We've all been there. You're running late for a much anticipated night out and hurriedly attempting to do a perfect last-minute smoky eye. With ever-growing frustration, your eyeliner just won't go on right, threatening to ruin the entire vixen vibe you were going for. Whether it was applied unevenly, too heavy, or in the wrong place, there is an easy trick to consider for your next application.

Introducing: invisible eyeliner. We know, this sounds more like a magic trick than an easy makeup hack but our curiosity has piqued. Anything is worth trying if it means we no longer have to deal with frustration-induced tears while applying our cosmetics. New York–based makeup artist Romy Soleimani explains the easy eyeliner application trick saying, "it's a subtle technique that adds lift without adding a lot of product. It's never too heavy or cosmetic, and it really elongates and opens the eye to bring more drama" (via Vogue).

How to use the invisible eyeliner technique

To apply invisible eyeliner look for an eyeliner pencil with a tiny, skinny point. Once you've found the perfect tool, use your finger to gently lift your eyelid. To avoid poking your eye, make sure you look in the mirror as you place the tip of the pencil below the roots of your eyelashes and dot in between the hairs. For a more dramatic look, wiggle the tip of the eyeliner to dispense more ink (via InStyle). Doing this technique will make those looking at you wonder why your eyes look extra stunning. The trick eliminates harsh lines and makes it appear as if you aren't wearing any eyeliner at all (per L'Oréal Paris Beauty Magazine). 

YouTube star and makeup vlogger, Bubzbeauty appears to be a fan of invisible eyeliner sharing, "What you'll get won't be a solid line but your eyelashes will appear fuller. It really is invisible. One time, due to an eyelash curler incident, I lost a chunk of my eyelashes and this trick came in very very handy guys," (via YouTube).

We can't promise that invisible eyeliner will replace your beloved cat eye, but anything that eliminates the pressure to draw on two perfect lines right before a night out is worth adding to your bag of tricks.