Foods You Should Eat To Fight Period Fatigue

Menstrual pain, believe it or not, could be more treatable than you think — without the ibuprofen. Depending on your unique body composition and which nutrients may be deficient in your system, your period cramps likely come from multiple sources. According to Medical News Daily, nearly 90 percent of women experience premenstrual symptoms of some kind. This includes cramping, mood swings, bloating, and fatigue.

Since your body is shedding blood and lining, it needs a lot of energy. As such, it's important to take time to rest as much as you can rather than pretending that it isn't happening. You wouldn't be going 100 miles an hour if your arm was shedding its skin, would you? 

Plus, when your time of the month draws near, serotonin levels drop which can take your energy down with it. So, what food should you grab to fight period fatigue? Add beets to your routine to replenish your levels of vital nutrients like folate, which helps to offset this fatigue. According to Health, birth control may deplete the body of folate particularly quickly, and without it, you may experience higher levels of symptoms like fatigue, forgetfulness, and insomnia. Eating beets — including the skin — can make a big difference. Beans, lentils, and peas also provide a source of non-heme iron, which helps lower the risk of PMS symptoms. Beans and peas are also full of fiber, which regulates blood sugar and insulin levels — helping keep a steady state of energy throughout your day, as noted by Health.

Some types of sugar may actually help with period fatigue

When it comes to your period, you likely know that staying away from sugar, dairy, and alcohol may help reduce painful symptoms and fatigue. But, some sweets, like dark chocolate, may have the opposite effect. Health reports that dark chocolate's high levels of antioxidants help blood vessels relax while lowering blood pressure and enhancing circulation. Even better, regularly eating high-quality dark chocolate can aid in lowering stress hormone levels which can result in fatigue. Loaded with magnesium, your favorite sweet also helps offset symptoms such as lowered mood, irritability, and tiredness, as noted by the outlet.

You can also up your vitamin B12 intake to help your system stay energized. Lean meats like turkey, chicken, and beef can supply you with this vital nutrient to help you stay alert and focused throughout your day during your period, as Women's Health explains. Add eggs to your diet during this time as well to give you a protein-packed snack that helps keep energy levels high.

It's important to take time for your body to recover throughout your cycle, but adding foods like these will offer a helpful boost.