This Is The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo

If you're thinking about getting your first tattoo, pain is likely a major concern. And if you haven't thought about it, you should because the size, design, and location of the tattoo you are considering will likely impact just how painful the process will be. When a bunch of tiny needles are delivering ink into your skin, there will be blood and some pain. That's the reality of the process. Take it from the experts at Inked Magazine, that bluntly state, "All tattoos hurt, no matter what." They go on to advise, however, that for first-timers especially, certain areas of the body hurt significantly less than others.

According to Healthline, the least painful parts of the body for tattoos will have a little extra fat and thicker skin, and fewer nerve endings. They will also be areas of the body that aren't bony, like the outer thigh. It's important to note, however, that pain is subjective, and what might be excruciating for some could feel like a minor irritation to others. Aftercare is also a major concern in terms of pain tolerance. As points out, for many, the itchy healing process can be a longer more uncomfortable experience than the actual tattooing.

If you're ready to book your appointment anyway, experts say these are the least painful parts of the body to consider getting a tattoo if you're worried about how much it might hurt.

The fingernails and outer thighs are the least painful places to get a tattoo

Fingernail tattoos have gained popularity in recent years mostly because they are essentially temporary. As your nail grows, your tattoo will inevitably disappear making them a great choice for anyone not quite willing to make a permanent commitment. They are also the perfect introduction to getting inked because they are almost entirely painless since the ink is deposited into the hard keratin of the nails instead of the tender dermis of the skin (via In an interview with Insider, co-owner of the NeedleNails pop-up tattoo parlor Ambie Stapleton explained of fingernail tattoos, "As a person who has gotten them, it doesn't hurt at all." She goes on to describe the process as feeling like "small vibrations."

Not quite as painless, but a good choice for anyone nervous about the process is the fleshy and fattier upper and outer thigh area. As an added bonus, the thigh, especially the outer thigh, tends to have fewer nerve endings, making it a low to moderately low pain experience for most people. Be sure to tell the artist that you don't want your design to bleed into the inner thigh area, however. The skin gets thinner and has many more nerve endings in that area (via Healthline and As Inked Magazine also points out, the thigh is also a great choice because it allows you to lie down comfortably while your artist is working, and being comfortable makes the pain much more bearable.

The outer shoulder and forearm are also good options for low-pain tattoos

The outer part of your shoulder, much like your forearm, has thicker skin and fewer nerve endings than the underside of your bicep or the elbow area which are conversely very delicate. In describing the pain of shoulder and arm tattoos, says you can expect a "dull background pain," from both. These areas of the body are generally considered great choices for anyone with a low tolerance to pain or for a person getting their first ink. 

Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, told Allure magazine, "Arms and shoulders are typically less sensitive to pain and easier to access for the artist." He went on to explain that a piece on his upper arm that took a little over an hour to complete, "didn't hurt as badly as tattoos I've gotten on my wrist, behind my ear, on my back, and on my inner arm."

The forearm is an especially good choice because it is less likely to swell up afterward, and according to Inked Magazine, is easy to avoid sleeping on at night while healing.

Women can get tattoos on their lower backs without much pain

Last but not least, the lower back area can be a great choice for women to get tattoos because of extra fat deposits that naturally occur in this region. Men will not have a similar experience, however, and should avoid this spot, at all costs, if worried about pain. As long as the placement of the tattoo isn't on or near the spine, this is a relatively low pain area for women because the skin is again thicker, in addition to the added fat cushion (via Healthline and

If you're still not sold on any of the spots mentioned for your body art, consider the unconventional ear cartilage tattoo which has been gaining popularity in recent years. Check out Cara Delevingne's chic diamond and stars in the photo above! If you have had your ears pierced you can definitely handle this dainty location, and you've got the added bonus of the piece being a simpler and much smaller design which means a quicker tattooing process (via New York Post and