Why Jackson From Holidate Looks So Familiar

Between the upcoming election and the rise in COVID-19 cases across the country, anxiety is high for most Americans. Looking for a little lighthearted escape, a new survey by streaming service, Tubi, has found that one in three Americans are already watching holiday movies as a way to not only cheer up from this dumpster fire of a year, but also as a means to find some comfort amidst the chaos (via People).

Thankfully, there's plenty of new sugar sweet holiday flicks to indulge in. Most recently, Netflix debuted a delightfully predictable rom-com called Holidate that checks all the boxes on cliche movie tropes that escapist seeking viewers want and need. With nods to the classic When Harry Met Sally, friends to lovers storyline, Holidate has all the sappy and silly lines that secretly give you butterflies, complete with a devastatingly gorgeous cast (via Insider).

Viewers have been openly drooling over male lead, Jackson, played by Australian born Luke Bracey, a not-so-up-and-coming actor that most people recognize, but can't seem to place. With an already impressive resume and a face that could be mistaken as the missing Hemsworth brother (he's not BTW), here's why Bracey looks so familiar.

You probably recognize Luke Bracey from Season 1 of Little Fires Everywhere

Luke Bracey got his start in acting in his late teens on the popular Australian soap opera Home and Away. But it wasn't until 2011 that he made his debut Stateside in the tween comedy Monte Carlo, as the hunky love interest of Leighton Meester in the Selena Gomez film (via New York Times).

Followed up in 2013, 31-year-old Bracey starred in the action-adventure flick G.I. Joe: Retaliation, as Cobra Commander, but with his face covered in a mask for most of the film he was virtually unrecognizable. He also had a major part in the Pierce Brosnan spy-thriller November Man in 2014. But it's from the first season of Reese Witherspoon's adaptation of the Celeste Ng novel Little Fires Everywhere, into a dramatic series for Hulu that most fans will remember that chiseled face. He's featured as Elena's ex-boyfriend in flashback scenes in Season 1 of the new hit drama, and if you haven't been watching, you need to (via The Tab and Pop Sugar).

Even if you can't place Bracey's face from his movie resume, be sure to watch him in his first rom-com, Holidate. Maybe grab yourself a glass of wine and make a night of it — you won't be disappointed!