The Holidate Scene That Has Viewers Doing A Double Take

There are several times you might do a double take in the Netflix holiday guilty pleasure, Holidate. Like in many scenes, when Emma Roberts looks exactly like her far-more-famous aunt, Julia Roberts. Or, when, as the internet is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, the man anyone would drop everything for, Ryan Gosling, happens to wander through the freezer section of the grocery store when the movie's main characters have just mentioned his name.

Gosling is talked about several times in the new release on the streaming service, which also stars the (some might say) equally good looking Luke Bracey, and the eternally energetic Kristin Chenoweth (via Decider). The plot of the popular flick sees Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson (Bracey) falling for one another over their shared disinterest in the holidays. Meanwhile, Gosling represents a reason to care about, well, anything, but also the season.

It's a particular scene that has everyone buzzing in which the A-list actor may (or more likely may not) actually appear in a (very) brief Holidate cameo.

Social media is sure Ryan Gosling is in this Holidate scene

In the scene in question, Sloane and Jackson, who have made a pact to appear to date one another at holiday events just to appease their families — and of course there's no chance they will actually fall in love — have a drag out fight in a familiar spot: the grocery store (via Elite Daily). "I bet you money that if Ryan Gosling waltzed down this frozen food aisle and offered to take you on the ride of your life, you would still say no," Jackson contends, adding, "'Cause you'd be too afraid to get on that train: the Ryan Gosling train."

Sloane counters, "You are so wrong. Ryan Gosling would never do his own shopping. He's way too cool for that." And then, oh look! It's Ryan Gosling walking by a second later...maybe. Social media certainly has a burning desire to find out the truth. "#RyanGosling was that him or not?" demands one Twitter user. "That 'ambiguous' Ryan Gosling cameo in #Holidate is too good!!! Was that really @RyanGosling?" another wonders.

At this time, no one knows for sure, but the man standing behind Sloane does have a disturbingly nice profile. Either way, well played Netflix. Because now we are dying to see Holidate and judge for ourselves.