Why This Astrologer Says Biden Will Win The Presidency

A recent viral TikTok video by astrologer Maren Altman claims Biden will win the presidency, and the proof is in the stars. We asked our own astrology expert, Phoenix Knor'malle, Psychic Advisor at MysticSense.com, to weigh in on the video's assertions. And she feels there may be more to Altman's claims than naysayers would like to think.

We asked Phoenix to explain why Altman feels Biden will win based on the charts she cites. She answered that the main piece of information that Altman's argument hinges upon is the fact that there are multiple eclipses in Biden's chart for 2020. "Eclipses indicate powerful transformative periods, and the fact that he has them in both his first and seventh houses indicates that transformation will be taking place in both his sense of identity (first house) and his relationships with others (seventh house)," she explained.

We asked if that assessment made sense to her. Phoenix said it "makes sense to a degree," but she felt Altman was "making some over-generalizations about the role that eclipses play in astrology" and might be "attributing them more astrological influence than they actually have." But as for the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction that Altman references, Phoenix said, "I think that this is very interesting because Jupiter rules government and structure while Saturn deals with hard work and restriction. The conjunct of these two opposing energies will boost the transformative power in areas of policy and structure."

The stars say Biden, more likely than not, will win

Even though Phoenix feels Altman has made a little too much of the eclipses in Biden's chart, she doesn't feel his has lead her to the wrong conclusion. We asked her if she agrees with the assertion that Biden will win the election, to which she replied, "I think it is very likely that he will win. In the case that he doesn't, I think he will still bring some form of major transformation to the country and political climate."

When asked how exactly astrology is capable of making predictions about things like political elections, Phoenix said "Astrology is actually a fairly good tool to use to predict events like elections because it draws relationships between the placement of stars and the events that occur in an individual's life during any particular year. Looking at the projected circumstances a person finds themselves in can have a huge impact on the results of contests such as an election since both are 'up to fate.'"

So while each individual voter contributes to whether Biden will win today's election, it makes us wonder how each of us play roles in the "fates" of one another and in the fate of our nation's future.