This 'Hottest Takes' Twitter Thread Is Saving Election Night

For many people, anxiety is sky-high on election night. The New York Times reports that concern over the country's future is real, for people in both political parties. However, some people have found an outlet on Twitter. So when writer James Medlock prompted, "Now is a good time to drop your hottest takes while everyone is distracted by the election," Twitter took the idea and ran with it.

Some people came in hot with controversial food takes. "Candy corn, especially these little pumpkins are f***ing delicious," one sweet tooth tweeted. Columnist Eric Engels took shots at Italian food, tweeting, "Lasagna is probably delicious, but I'll never know, because it looks and smells like barf." Another tweeter kept the food takes more positive, noting, "The best snack is marshmallows straight out of the bag."

Others saved their hot takes for TV shows. "Breaking Bad was an average tv show," Joel Henderson said. Heather Muse either delivered a compliment to Ashton Kutcher or an insult to Christopher Nolan, declaring, "'Dude Where's My Car' is the same movie as 'Memento,' and far superior."

These Twitter 'hot takes' had us laughing

Some Twitter users used the space to push go after their personal small vendettas. "Let the pandas die," one person declared. "I still do not care which way the toilet paper goes on the roll," read another tweet. Fair enough.

However, some people's hot takes were downright bizarre. One person suggested, "There is a Legal Sea Food restaurant in Atlanta. Their slogan is of course, 'If it isn't fresh, it isn't Legal.' Atlanta is 265 miles from the ocean, but JUST DOWN THE ROAD FROM THE AQUARIUM. Do the math." Another tweeter wanted the world to go full Russell Crowe, declaring, "We should bring back gladiator fighting to the death. So many people in the world barely make enough $ to get by. Who are we to tell someone they can't risk their life for a check?"

As the polls close and Americans eagerly await election news, at least they have Twitter to let off some steam.