John King's Net Worth: CNN's Election Analyst Is Worth More Than You Think

If you're watching election coverage, chances are you're mesmerized by CNN's John King's performance. His ability to use the interactive map combined with his almost non-stop commentary with immediate access to facts and figures is impressive. Seriously, how does he know the name of every county in every single state in the United States without ever stuttering, pausing, or making a mistake?

Twitter is understandably in awe of the news network's chief national correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics (via CNN). As Twitter user @JamesMelville put it simply, "John King is seriously good at his job." @Sid_Seixeiro confirms, "Every four years I'm reminded that John King is one of the best broadcasters I've ever seen."

His obvious talent and skill with election coverage comes with a pretty hefty payday, and based on his current performance, he's worth every penny he earns. The fact is, John King's net worth is a lot higher than you probably think.

John King earns more than the average anchor

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John King is worth a whopping $5 million, and the bulk of his income is likely from his role as chief national correspondent on CNN. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest-paid broadcast journalists in the top markets, like on national networks and in major city markets like New York, earn upwards of $117,170 per year (via Chron). Having a long distinguished career, combined with his position on a national network, it's likely he earns more than $180,000 per year, and for specialized events like the election, the sky's the limit in terms of his contractual worth (via FindAnyAnswer).

Additionally, King has a lucrative career doing paid speaking engagements, which according to his booking agency, start at $100,000 per event! It clearly pays to have such a dynamic memory and knowledge of American politics.

Twitter user @Jamie2524 hit the nail on the head writing: "This guy is's incredible. Being watched by millions and explaining every little detail on paths to victory." Money, indeed!