Mary Trump Didn't Hold Back With Her Election Night Message To Voters

During the run-up to election day, Mary L. Trump has been on Twitter, doing her part to make sure everyone casts their ballot. On November 1, she called for voters to fight attempts at intimidation by tweeting: "They're trying to keep us from voting because there are more of us than there are of them. They're trying to intimidate us because they are weak. If we stay united, strong, and determined a bunch of idiots blocking traffic can't stop us." in response to news that voters who were loyal to her uncle, President Donald Trump, had blocked sections of the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey and the Mario M Cuomo Bridge in New York (via

Tonight, as the votes were counted, and results showed a tight race whose final result might not be known for a while, Mary Trump lashed out at her uncle's supporters on Twitter, saying, "To those who voted for Donald, your 'president' is directly responsible for the deaths over 230,000 of your fellow citizens, as well as the kidnapping and caging of innocent children. That's what you voted for."

Mary Trump's supporters weighed in over early returns

Several of Mary's supporters weighed in over the results, which show the count as being too close to call. One posted: "They also voted for millions of people dying from herd immunity. They voted for bigotry and racism. They voted for extrajudicial killings. They voted for indecency and meanness. They voted for fascism. They voted for climate destruction. They voted for animal cruelty." 

Another tweeted with: "It horrifies me how many really bad people live in this country. They just don't give a s*** that nearly a quarter of a million people are dead or that kids are suffering. I drive an Uber and since the pandemic, I've really seen it. It's so ugly." A third expressed dismay that voters had been unable to realize the destructive nature of Trump's personality and asked his niece if she might be an agent for change. "Since you have a platform Mary, after this week it's obvious Americans need an education into being able to recognize con artists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and malignant narcissists. It's sad to see how so many do not realize they have been conned. I hope you will educate" (via Twitter).